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Responses from listeners to
Celtic Roots Radio station and podcast!

– Dec 6, 2022 (via Facebook page)

Awesome, I’ve been missing them. Do you update the podcast?

Fred Burris (USA)

– Dec 6, 2022 (via Facebook page)

Celtic Roots Radio great stuff!

Christine Hill Smith (New Mexico, USA)

Love This Podcast <3 ***** – May 5, 2022 ( Apple Podcasts, USA – review)

I could and do listen to this podcast all day. It’s so fun and inspiring and his accent is just fantastic!

Celtic Arizona (Arizona, USA)

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– July 11, 2021 (via Facebook Messenger)

It is awesome to live in an era that is possible to a person like me who is living in the other side in the world .. to hear your type of music .. and your voiceover. You are my favorite.

I listen to Celtic Roots most of my available time. You are awesome folks! <3

Excuse my English .. I could express my feelings better if I would have a better language, but I can understand very well.

Dia Ghourra (Homs, Syria)

Whiskey & Music ***** – March 10, 2021 ( Apple Podcasts, USA – review)

Missed listening to Irish music & I just found this podcast... so happy I did!! Love the selection of the music & your accent! Keep up the great work! This music is best paired with Whiskey...Slainte Mhath

wardoggirl (USA)

– March 16, 2021 (via Facebook page)

Great music and great hosting! Thank you for the shout out, Raymond! Looking forward to Saint Patrick’s Day

Mara Katria, Musician & Filmmaker (New York, USA)

Wonderful Discovery ***** – Feb 21, ’21 (Apple Podcasts, Canada – review)

Just discovered you in Canada. Wonderful!

Shannon Rebekkah (Canada)

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– Sept 29, 2020 (via Facebook page)

Summair by James Higgins. Can you play a song off it for my wife: perhaps "I Will go". She would be thrilled. Thank you for your time. We listen regularly and donate too.

Jillian Swanloch (?)

– July 17, 2020 (via Facebook page)

Hi Raymond!

My name’s Mara Katria, and I’m a fan of Celtic Roots Radio! Your craic about this strange new world posted this May was great. I really enjoyed when you wrote: "You may not have the same confidence and trust as Patrick and the other saints, but I really recommend their way of looking at things – it certainly works for me!"

Mara Katria, Musician & Filmmaker (New York, USA)

– June 17, 2020 (via Facebook page)

Good listening.

Jennifer Haskell (Michigan, USA)

– May 23, 2020 (via Facebook page)

Great tunes for a rainy day in the Hinterland of extreme N. W. Sabine Parish, Louisiana Thank you.

Jim Shows (Louisiana, USA)

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– Mar 17, 2020 (via Facebook page)

A great family friendly Celtic station! Cheers from Central Oregon.

Scott Gordon (Oregon, USA)

– Mar 16, 2020 (via Facebook page)

☘️ I’m chuffed to mention a fantastic way to celebrate this Wednesday!!

☘️ "The Dark Night Of The Soul" is being featured on the Celtic Roots Radio podcast – hosted by the remarkable Raymond McCullough in Northern Ireland.

☘️ It is indeed a great show "wi’ a wee taste a’ Irish craic from Raymond!"

☘️ Beannacht leat!

Mara Katria (New York, USA)

– Feb 19, 2020 (via Facebook page)

Another great podcast. And many cheers and thanks to Raymond McCullough for starting this episode off with The Mighty Regis's Reilly's Daughter

The Mighty Regis (California, USA)

– Jan 19, 2020 (via Facebook page)

OK, I got the intro anyway. It reminds me of an old show that the BBC in London ran during the short wave era in the 1970s, known as "These musical isles" in which the "music" of the "British Isles" which few Americans knew of, were somehow linked culturally.

Patrick Mallory (Ohio, USA)

– Jan 1, 2020 (via email)

Hi Raymond,

Fantastic to hear you are up and running again.

Liz Hassack (Melbourne, Australia)

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– Dec 17, 2019 (via Facebook page)

A BIG thank you to my friend, Raymond McCullough, host of Celtic Roots Radio, direct from Northern Ireland, for including my music in Episode 61!

Anne Roos (xxx, USA)

– Dec 3, 2019 (via Facebook page)

listening to podcast, enjoying very much!

Barb S. (Washington State, USA)

– Dec 3, 2019 (via Facebook page)

Nice to see this back

Debbie Zepick (Alberta, Canada)

– Dec 3, 2019 (via Facebook page)

Awesome, glad you are back!

Logan McClain (?)

Harp ***** – September 7, 2019 ( Apple Podcasts, USA – review)

My desire is to learn to play the harp at 61

lrj60 (USA)

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Want to give contribution ***** – August 10, 2019 (via email)

Hello CelticRootsRadio-Team,

I’m (sorry German) an enthusiastic fan of Ireland and Irish music.

Your free Music, special: Raymond McCullough - "I will lift my eyes up" makes me exited :)

I wonder if I could give a contribution to you (Mr. McCullough) to use this Music (first 15 seconds to 2 minutes) as a teaser for my (non-commercial) videos.

Best Regards

Juergen Rueger (Germany)

Celtic Roots Radio – Jan 24, 2019 (via email)

Dia duit!

I pray that this email finds your family well. I live in Southeast Missouri in the Stáit Aontaithe,

I enjoy listening to the podcasts that you have given to us, there is more music than the other guys and its different because it is from all walks of life.

I listen to the podcasts at work and I enjoy them everyday.

Raymond, your dialect and accent is the craic. Some people might have difficulty listening to it, but it helps me as a learner to study the Irish language. I enjoy it very much and want to visit the isles one day.

Keep 'em coming and enjoy the great work.

I'll spread the word for all through my social media

Slan go foill agus beannacht dia!

Luther Haynes (Missouri, USA )

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– December, 2018 (via Facebook)

Can you put more Celtic music of Europe in your radio?

Roger Segura (Valls, near Barcelona, Spain)

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– Jul 24, 2016 (via Facebook)

tuned in .. great stuff of music .. greetings from Germany

Tom & Nettie (Germany)

from Michigan ***** – Jul 06, 2016 ( iTunes, USA review)

Listened to one show and now I’m hooked. Love what you‘re doing – keep it up.

Willies99w (John W.) (Michigan, USA)

– Apr 17, 2016 (via Facebook)

Hello from Los Angeles. I just found your show on iTunes last week and I’ve been enjoying it immensely! I’ve never been to Northern Ireland but I was blessed to have visited Ireland several years ago and think of it daily. I have been obsessed with all things Irish since I was a teen, over 20 years ago, so that trip was a dream come true for me. Your broadcast truly brings me joy (usually during my walks and on my hour long commute).

Please keep up the awesome energy and quality, you’re doing a great job!!

Yezenia Hernandez (California, USA)

– Apr 17, 2016 (via Celtic Roots Cafe)

I look forward to listening to hours of great music.

Marie Markowski (Illinois, USA)

– Jan 10, 2016 (via Facebook )

Raymond I am a great fan of your podcast, Celtic Roots Radio. Thank you so much.

Merbs Labrador (Phillipines)

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– Dec 09, 2015 (via Facebook)

Hello Raymond, I'm MERBS from Philippines. I really love Celtic music, I’m a big fan of your podcast since I discover it back in 2014. I’m currently now here in New Zealand, actually I have a lot of Irish and Cornish friends back in Saudi in the desert, when I work there. Most of them are my workmates! Cheers Raymond keep up the good work.

Merbs Labrador (Phillipines)

– 2 October 2015 (via Facebook)

I do enjoy a wee bit of the Craic from Raymond! Been downloading your podcasts from Japan. Keep up the top shelf work!

Randy Poehlman (Toyonaka, Osaka, Japan )

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Radio - Dec 05, 2014 (via email)

Good afternoon. Every morning when I wake up I listen to your radio. It gives me energy and good mood for the whole day. Now I can not imagine my normal day without your radio. My whole family also listens to your radio. Wanted to ask a few souvenirs from your wonderful radio for my family. With thanks and best wishes your regular listener.

Julia A. Malakhova (Spirovo, Russia)

- Jul 12, 2014 (via Twitter)

Just heard an awesome cover of "All my tears" by @jarsofclay by @fretnotgospel on an old episode (ep 1) of @CelticRoots. Sick dobro playing!

Walker (New Orleans, LA, USA)

- May 14, 2014 (via Twitter)

Hey Raymond from Washington State love the show

Joseph Muldoon (Washington State, USA)

- April 18, 2014 (via comments)

Stellar show, this and Radio Rebel Gael are my top podcasts, keep on rockin' fella.

rumrhapsody77 (USA?)

My roots ***** - April 5, 2014 ( iTunes, USA - review)

These must be my true roots. The music lifts my spirits for the entire day. Thank you for putting this together.

Nehemiah320 (USA)

- April 4, 2014 (via Facebook page)

Thank you for the preview of what music in Heaven will sound like.

Danny Gette (Salem, Oregon, USA)

I like your station! - Jan 21, 2014 (via email)

Being a Pat Liston fan, he's given me a new appreciation for Celtic/Irish music. Love this station! Thanks.

Gary Adolph (USA?)

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Brilliant! ***** - Sept 22, 2013 (iTunes, USA - review)

I just subbed and I am enjoying the wonderful music! Thank you so much! I was wondering if you could turn down the music in the background as you speak as it is a bit hard to understand you. Then when you turn up the music I have to turn down my sound. I will be a loyal subscriber!

#1 Air Penguin (USA)

- Jun 23, 2013 (via Twitter)

@CelticRoots Is the show still airing? iTunes hasn't posted a new one in months and months. #missingit #favoriteshow

Leslie Batten (N. Dakota, USA)

- July 26, 2013 (via Facebook page)

missing your podcasts....

Thomas Berry (USA)

- July 21, 2013 (via Facebook page)

When will there be another podcast?

Mary Jo McClelland Mueller (Saint Louis, Missouri, USA)

- Jun 23, 2013 (via Twitter)

@CelticRoots I miss hearing your program!! Last episode was in early March. #sniff

Leslie Batten (N. Dakota, USA)

Overtly political ** - May 28, 2013 (iTunes, USA - review)

I truly enjoyed this podcast and was going through all the back catalog until Raymond decided to start commenting on the difference in American and European politics. Even that was OK until he started espousing a decidedly socialistic/communistic point of view.

I don’t care what his politics are but I don’t need to hear it. Keep it to yourself or start another political podcast. Really ruined it for me. Too bad because the rest was excellent. Goodbye Raymond.

Alvin M (USA)

- April 13, 2013 (via Live 365 station page)

Hi , You’ve played great artists ...

Could you please, play J C Planet ... Thanks a lot from Brazil.

Newrockstation Souza (Centro Universitário Ibero-Americano, São Paulo, Brazil)

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Celtic Roots feedback - Mar 6, 2013 (via email)

I love your podcast, most of the music and all of the local color commentary. Perhaps my favorite commentaries are your language lessons that highlight how things are said and what things are said depending on their region.

Thank you, much.

Louis Burkhardt (Colorado, USA)

Good to have back. ***** - Mar 3, 2013 (iTunes, USA - review)

Missed this podcast. Like an old friend. Glad it’s back between my ears. One of the few you will find yourself listening to multiple times.

Matt (Aval69) (Georgia, USA)

Celtic Roots Radio ***** - February 2, 2013 (iTunes, USA - review)

I could listen to this show all day – a nice mix of commentary, great music and Raymond McCullough is entertaining and has a beautiful way of talking. Love it!

Bamako (USA)

Love this podcast! ***** - February 2, 2013 (iTunes, USA - review)

I’ve been enjoying this podcast for a couple of years now and can’t say enough good things about it. It’s introduced me to many artists I would have never heard otherwise, tucked here between the mountains in Colorado. Keep them coming, please.

Glenn6912 (Colorado, USA)

Jan 31, 2013 (via Facebook page)

Just wanted to say thanks for Celtic Roots Radio. Traveling is one of my passions, and by listening to your radio show, I'm able to picture myself visiting Ireland one day while driving about in my car.

Amanda Newman (New Mexico, USA)

Top Shelf ***** - January 23, 2013 (iTunes, USA - review)

This should be your go-to source for adding new Celtic artists to your watch list. Tried it once and I’m now a subscriber. Great stuff!

Hawkeye4ever (USA)

Great Podcast ***** - January 06, 2013 (iTunes, USA - review)

I really enjoy this podcast! I am not Irish, but I love the genre and Raymond does a fantastic job!

Gooniebird1966 (USA)

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Enjoying every moment! Dec 15, 2012 (via email)

I recently found your podcast on iTunes, and I think it’s wonderful. I’m a bit of a geek, and I like to trace music as far back historically as I possibly can, trying to find common roots. This podcast contains music I’ve been trying to chase down here in the U.S. and overseas with great difficulty only to find it here, all in one place! Thank you for the great choices. I am enjoying it all.

On an unrelated note, I’m listening to your podcast #55 as I’m typing. Many congratulations on the Irish language being studied in areas previously considered, shall we say… politically separate? I am by no means an expert, but I know that this is a moment to take note of. It gives me hope that some of our more difficult personalities here in the U.S. can someday find something to work on together.

Brightest Blessings,

Gaia Nyx aka Kari David (USA)

Dec 10, 2012 (via Facebook page)

I just found your Podcast on iTunes, and I'm loving it! My three year old son Liam keeps asking for "dancing music," and so we listen all day! Thanks for sharing!

Everyone in my household (husband and 2 older children as well) are enjoying your podcast. Thanks for such great music!

Nicole Kapise-Perkins (Turners Falls, Massachusetts, USA)

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Celtic Roots ***** - November 30, 2012 (iTunes, USA - review)

I love your podcast! It’s very entertaining and there’s a wide variety of celtic music on your podcast. It keeps me entertained while at work. You can’t find Celtic music on the radio here in Pittsburgh, PA.

Dan McCullough (USA)

Celtic Roots ***** - November 14, 2012 (via Twitter)

Any new celticroots podcasts coming soon?

Ryan Whitney (USA)

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Your Show Oct 30, 2012 (via email )


My wife wishes I’d never found this show! It’s all I want to listen to now. Thanks for providing me with some new music, as well as some of the classics. Keep doing what you do, and I’ll keep listening. Wishing you the best from the U.S.A!


Jacob Leon Douylliez (USA)

Celtic Roots Podcast Oct 20, 2012 (via email )

Hey there Raymond,

I hope you're doing OK, as I’m starting to worry about you.. You’ve been absent for 2 months now and I do greatly miss your podcast, both the music & your always interesting commentary. Here’s hoping you’re not under the weather, and we’ll hear a new podcast before too long. (I do always listen to the past ones)

I play pipes in a local PB, Tir na Nog Pipe Band, in Trenton, New Jersey, USA. I enjoy all kinds of Celtic/Irish music and your podcast is a wonderful place to hear it.


Pete Cartwright (Trenton, NJ, USA)

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Wonderful stuff! ***** - September 19, 2012 (iTunes, USA - review)

I’ve really enjoyed listening to all the great music from around the globe (including some from my area!) and the craic is top notch storytelling. I’ve also recently read some of Raymond’s written work and found it just as fulfilling. My only complaint is that it is not released often enough! Keep up the great work, sir!

Stephen Britt (Texas, USA)

Sept 10, 2012 (via Facebook page)

Raymond love the show and the web page as well. Keep up the good work.

Brian Wynn (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

Enjoy the podcast & Live 365 station as well Sep 5, 2012 (via email )

Dear Raymond,

Just writing to let you know how much I enjoy the Podcast; More recently I discovered the Live 365 channel on my iPhone. It helps to pass the time as I work quietly on database cleanup projects at the local library where I work here in Southeast Texas. You have quite an eclectic range of music on offer.

My family Heritage is mainly Scottish (we’re a Sept of MacDonnell of Keppoch, itself a part of Great Clan Donald), but only recently did I learn that some of my ancestors immigrated from the Ayrshire region of Scotland over to Ireland. I’m not descended from that branch, but I was able to find on the open internet a set of marriage and birth records for Ronald family members in Co. Down and Co. Antrim in the mid 19th century. I am curious to learn more about these Ulster Scots distant cousins, and I wonder if any of them are still living and working in NI to this day...I’ve idly looked up my surname on white-pages residential listings databases for N.I. but never found anyone with surname Ronald. Just curious if you know of anyone with that Surname, or know anyone who knows someone?

My full name is John Jamison Ronald. It’s an uncommon surname, even in Scotland proper, though I’m given to understand that people with that last name are still situated in and around the city of Ayr and the region Ayrshire. I’m not very knowledgeable of Scottish geography, but I think Ayrshire is more the lowlands than the Highlands. I think our family were Highlanders at one point, even possibly Jacobites, but who came down from the Highlands to resettle in the lowlands, perhaps seeking better fortunes. I think my branch of the family immigrated directly to America from Scotland. As for the N.I. branch, it’s possible they were so few in number that they simply intermarried into the local population and vanished as a distinct family.

Anyway, I’ve always had an interest in my Scottish heritage and have been an avid fan of all things Celtic music related since the early 1990s. One of my best friends from that time was an Irish post-doc in Cell Biology from Co. Galway. Although I’m a fan of Scottish bagpipes and Highland fiddle, I think I actually prefer the Irish uilleann pipes. I find the music they make has a more deeply soulful, sometimes mournful quality that I really enjoy listening to.

Anyway, keep up the great job with the music and the amusing anecdotes from everyday life in N.I. past and present that you choose to share with us, it’s always appreciated.


John J. Ronald (Sugar Land, Texas, USA)

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Aug 15, 2012 (via Facebook page)

♥ ♥ ♥ Many thanks. Live365 Radio & Celtic Roots Radio.

Sue Wemett (Rochester, NY, USA)

Aug 12, 2012 (via Facebook page)

Hey, Raymond, I just listened to your latest show—while working on adding it and the rest of this week’s other new episodes to my Celtic music podcasts playlists. As usual, you did another excellent job. One of the things I really like about your shows is that you play music I won’t hear anywhere else, including avoiding playing the same things again. You had some lovely vocal performances this week. The Frank Emerson song reminded me of the Chieftains album "San Patricio".

Your fan in S Florida, SMC

Stephen Conroy (Florida, USA)

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Yeah! ***** - July 31, 2012 (iTunes, USA - review)

Boy I’d love to be Irish, but if I listen enough to a great podcast like this it’s almost as good! Yeah!


Sean Cairne (USA)

Nicht gesucht aber gefunden ***** - July 15, 2012 (iTunes, Germany - review)

Habe nur kurz in die ersten 3 Minuten reingehört und mir war klar der Podcast muss es sein! Vielleicht kommt ja sogar noch was von den Dropkick Murphys, ich lass mich überraschen.

von So muss das! (Germany)

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Your Live 365 station is awesome - Jun 23, 2012 (via Twitter)

Good morning all! Listening to great #celticmusic on Celtic Roots Radio. Check out Celtic Roots Radio on Live 365.
@CelticRoots Your Live 365 station is awesome. And I absolutely LOVE the Celtic Daily Prayers!

Dan Guarro (Tampa Bay, FL, USA)

- June 20, 2012 (via Facebook page )

I subscribed a while back and have finally had some time on the road to listen. Great Job Ray! Keep up the good work.

Bill Robertson (Fort Mill, South Carolina, USA)

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I like your station! - May 27, 2012 (via email )

Great mix of music. Don’t change Anything.

John Spooner (France?)

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I like your station! - May 11, 2012 (via Celtic Roots Cafe )

Thank you Raymond,

It is an honor to be apart of this wonderful world of fine Celtic music and appreciate all that you put into this website. Not quite sure how to add our music to this site but if you have any info on that we would love to share our music with the world.

Thanks again for everything you do.

Cheers - Brian Horton "Celtic Borders"

Celtic Borders (Connecticut, USA)

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The BEST! ***** - April 7, 2012 (iTunes, USA - review)

Great music and an entertaining host. The only thing wrong with this podcast is that I’ve burned through all of them in a month’s time. If you’re listening on an Apple device the Apple enhanced versions are very high quality and the levels are spot on.


Jim Safford (Pasadena, California, USA)

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Love it!! ***** - March 8, 2012 (iTunes, USA - review)

Love Celtic Roots Radio, from the music to the craic this is a great podcast for lovers of all things Irish. You make me miss my homeland a little less every time I listen.


Kiari Ahul (USA)

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- February 27, 2012 (via Facebook page)

Just found you out. Great music, and great podcast patter. Cheers from Austin, Texas.

Shlom Ster (Austin, Texas, USA)

- February 25, 2012 (via Facebook page)

I really enjoy listening to your podcast while I’m milking. I like to think it makes both me and the cows happy.

Valerie Morse (Calais, Vermont, USA)

- February 25, 2012 (via Facebook page)

Loved podcast 47, was listening to it while turning the potato patch: your farm stories seemed to make each shovel full of dirt just a wee bit lighter. Thanks for the company, Mark

Mark Henderson (Lebanon, Tennessee, USA)

- February 3, 2012 (via Facebook page)

Love the podcast. My 3 year old son and I were dancing around the kitchen while making dinner and listening, then he started making his trucks dance.

Zoie Swaim (Maine, USA)

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- January 20, 2012 (via Facebook page)

Love your podcast Raymond! I once worked at a Irish pub in San Francisco and when I left I have missed the Irish people for the last four years. Your podcast brings back great memories. Thank you Raymond, Erik in Southern California.

Erik Steven Garcia (California, USA)

- January 20, 2012 (via Facebook page)

Enjoyed the podcast ( as always ) especially Fiddlers Welcome and 800 Voices thanks now back to banging on the mandolin for a wee bit longer

Mark Henderson (Lebanon, Tennessee, USA)

GREEEEEAT ***** - January 12, 2011 (iTunes, Brazil - review)

Hello friends! I’m Brazilian and I want to congratulate you folks! I love Celtic music and I’ve been searching for a radio of this kind of music!! Thanks for keeping this!!!

de Rafael Engel (Brazil)

- January 8, 2012 (via Facebook page)

Happy New Year from Belfast, am not originally from Belfast, I am Scottish but unfortunately have an English accent. Been here in Belfast for 2 yrs now and love it very much. Went down to Southern Ireland a few years ago and was amazed at all the green fields - lovely country. I have learned a lot about Ireland since I have been here and want to learn even more and meet as many people North and South of the border and from both Catholic and Protestant religions.

Cameron Kennedy (Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK)

- January 5, 2012 (via Live 365 shoutout)

Great music as always! Thanks from East Texas! I’m learning Irish tenor banjo, and loving it! I’m trying to start a session here.


Mark (Texas, USA)

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- Dec 30 5, 2011 (via Twitter )

Taing for all those RTs! Bliadhna Mhath Ur - Happy New year!

Fiona J Mackenzie (Ohio, USA)

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I Love Celtic Roots! - October 11, 2011 (via email )

I just wanted you to know I love your podcast!

Great music and stories! I especially love how you use the apple enhanced version, it makes going back and listening to my favorites even easier! You'd be surprised how few podcasts take advantage of this feature, and it's greatly appreciated!

Thanks, and long live Celtic Roots Radio!

Kale Plumlee (USA)

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- September 22, 2011 (via Facebook group)

Enjoyed the crack about the Ards area of Northern Ireland, spent the week at a BnB called the ‘Mill’ just outside of Downpatrick in 2000 and had the chance to play a round of golf at Ardglass golf course was stunningly beautiful

Joseph Muldoon (Yelm, Washington, USA)

feedback from Japan - September 15, 2011 (via Email )

I just want to thank you for your podcast. Fascinating and mesmerizing.

Keep up the good work.

Robert (Japan)

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- August 28, 2011 (via Facebook page)

Just started listening this week. Love the show and listen while jogging.

Zoie Swaim (Hartford, Connecticut, USA)

- August 14, 2011 (via Facebook page)

Greetings from St. Petersburg, Florida! Thanks for another awesome podcast. I finally downloaded the Live365 app, so I can stream your station on my iPod. Keep up the excellent work. God Bless.

Danny Guarro (St. Petersburg, Florida, USA)

- August 7, 2011 (via Facebook page)

Love these podcasts. Celtic and bluegrass music puts a smile on my face and gets sparks to fly off my heels.

Joe Owen Molloy Jr. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

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Scots Gaelic pronunciations - July 30, 2011 (via Email )

A Raymond, a charaide choire,

Been listening to your discussion of Irish and Scots Gaelic on Celtic Roots Radio. Your knowledge and pronunciation of Irish is right on, but you’re way off in some significant ways in terms of Gàidhlig. We don’t use the same expression for "do you understand Gaelic" in Gàidhlig. The verb for "to understand" is the same, but the pronunciation is radically different from Irish.

We’d say TOOK-sheen.

A bheil thu a’ tuigsinn? Do you understand? ah VAYL oo ah TOOK-sheen?

More importantly, we wouldn’t use "tuigsinn" at all with regard to asking if one can speak Gàidhlig. We’d say A bheil Gàidhlig agad? Do you have (ie, speak) Gaelic. a VAYL GAHL-ic AK-et?

Good show, my Irish cousin.

Beannachd leat,

Muiris (Cape Breton, Canada)

One of the best ***** - July 29, 2011 (iTunes, USA - review)

I recently found and devoured every episode of this podcast. It has a broad enough range of music so that I don’t get bored. The only complaints I have with it is the host’s accent - it is a bit hard for me to understand from time to time. Probably just me, I’m the one with the accent, not him, right? The other beef I have is I have run out of episodes. Now I have to wait for more.

Jondalrun (USA)

- July 27, 2011 (via Facebook page)

Hello from Alabama. I Love Celtic Roots Radio.

Gary Edward Johnson (Prattville, Alabama, USA)

- July 19, 2011 (via Celtic Roots Café)

Love your radio show. I usually download the podcast and then listen to you on my drive to work. I have always been a big fan of Celtic music and your show is a great source of good music.

I am coming to Belfast Ireland in 2013 with our Fire Department’s pipe band for the World Police and Fire games and love hearing some of your stories about the different places in Ireland. As far as I know my father’s family came to Halifax, Nova Scotia, from Dingle Bay in Co. Kerry in the late 1700s, so I plan to visit that part of the country when I am there. Maybe you could talk about the region on one of your shows.

Anyway keep up the great work, all the best

Brad Connors (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)

- July 12, 2011 (via Facebook page)

Love Celtic Roots Radio!

David Brown (Huntsville, Texas, USA)

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- June 26, 2011 (via Facebook page)

one word ... Awesome

Janice McDowell (Valdosta, Georgia, USA)

- June 19, 2011 (via Twitter)

Heard you askin’ for folks abroad, other than the states for feedback. My missus & I’ll try to keep you up in Tokyo. Slainte!

hausblend ( Tokyo, Japan)

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Love the podcast - May 28, 2011 (via Email )

Dear Raymond,

I’ve posted a review on iTunes USA but also wanted to e-mail you. My name is Rhys (pronounced old Welsh) and I live in a small town/village called Pilot Grove, Missouri, USA. I have always had an Irish accent though I do not know why, I was born in the USA. I’m writing to let you know you reach even the smallest of towns. I love your podcast, the music and commentary is so amazing. I have always planned to move to Canada and then on to Ireland, your podcast keeps my hopes glowing :). Currently I am 23 and I am trying to be in Canada before I am 25 for certain. Keep the Podcasts coming :)

Rhys Minnick (Pilot Grove, Missouri, USA)

So beautiful ***** - May 28, 2011 (iTunes, USA - review)

Dear da I’m writing to let you know you reach the smallest of villages. My name is Rhys and I’m 23. I live in Pilot Grove, Missouri, USA. My town has less than 700 people in it. I’ve always had an Irish accent, though I was born in the USA. I have always longed to live in Canada or Ireland and am making the move soon. Your podcast keeps my dreams alive. Thank you.

Rhys Minnick (Pilot Grove, Missouri, USA)

Love the Podcast -- and about U.S. politics ... - May 01, 2011 (via Email )

First off, I’m Ed Freeman from Seattle, Washington, U.S.A, and I love the podcast. You have a great blend of different music styles and commentary. I also like the half-hour format -- it's much more suitable for podcast listening than the usual hour format of most podcasts.

About U.S. politics ...

I agree with you. It’s very painful watching my country go crazy and I’m not sure where this is going to wind up.

For instance, there actually is a lot of criticism of President Obama. Unfortunately, a lot of it centers around ‘birtherism’: the idea that Obama was secretly born in Kenya and infected with Islam there and is secretly planning a coup to enforce Islamic Sharia law in the U.S.; if he was born in Kenya then he is ineligible to be President. I deeply wish that I was making this stuff up. There are an amazing number of reasons why this is idiotic; let me just mention that the Republican challenger for the Presidency in 2008 was John McCain, and he was born in Panama, not the U.S. For some reason, nobody ever questioned his eligibility to be President.

I think the fundamental issue is campaign contributions. It’s looking like the next Presidential election cycle is going to cost the two main contenders $500 million each. I don’t know, but I suspect that’s a healthy percentage of the Irish governmental budget. With sums like that, the contributors are going to want to see a solid return on their investment.

Take the Afghan war for example. The vast majority of the population want the war ended *right now*. However, there are a lot of companies making a lot of money off the war. If a politician comes out solidly in favor of the war they lose a lot of popular support; if a politician comes out against the war all the campaign contributions from the war contractors will go to his opponent. So, nobody says anything and everybody kicks the can down the road.

We’ve got millions of people that haven’t worked in years and are looking at their benefits running out, many more than the whole population of Ireland. We have a whole generation that is trying to retire on busted pensions. But people in poverty don't make much campaign contributions.

Ed Freeman (Seattle, Washington, USA)

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mp3 vs aac - April 28, 2011 (via Email )

Inspired by the discussion of mp3 vs aac formats in your latest show I wanted to add my two cents in. I pull down your rss feed onto my Android phone and the aac version works just fine for me. So it isn’t an Apple-device-only capability. What I would find helpful would be separate rss feeds for the mp3 & aac versions of the podcast. Every time you release a show my podcatcher downloads both version, but I really only need one.

Thanks for your delightful podcast, it is always a joy to listen to and has introduced me to many musicians I was previously unaware of.

Les Howard (Decatur, Georgia, USA)

- April 16, 2011 (via Email )

I’ve listened to your station a number of times now, and I love it.

Greg Ormson (Wisconsin, USA)

My iPod crashes, too - April 15, 2011 (via Email )

Hello Raymond - listening to your latest show and heard that another person has problems listening to the podcast.  My iPod crashes and then restarts if I try to listen to the Apple enhanced version.  The regular version is fine - in fact that is what I am listening to now.  I have had a problem with the Apple enhanced version for a while now.  I, too, am able to listen to the enhanced version on my PC, but listen mostly to the show on my iPod.  So yes, I am having the same problem.


So, while I’ve got you - great podcast!  I love your selection of music and you don’t quite sound as much like you are recording in a closet like you did before.  Great show - thanks for the effort you put into it.  God bless!

Randy Sedgewick (USA)

Love it **** - April 14, 2011 (iTunes, Brazil - review)

I’m from Brazil and I’ve always looked for decent Celtic music radios/podcasts and I’d like to congratulate you for your awesome work!

Only one request, though... could you speak a little louder? You say so many interesting things about history and language, but I lose most of it because I can’t hear it =/

Thank you and congratulations again, you’re doing a great job!

Jackie Walker (Brazil)

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Are you searching for Celtic music? ***** - March 29, 2011 (iTunes, USA - review)

I’m not sure why there seems to be a genuine lack of authentic Celtic podcasts to download. For anyone who was searching, as I was, stop right here.

This podcast is an amazing assortment of independent artists, artfully arranged by the host, Raymond McCullough, who also gives great commentary with the history, culture and traditions of Ireland.

I should have written this review a while ago. Recently, there were several months where Celtic Roots did not broadcast and that left an unexpected void. With Roots back on track, I felt I had to show my support to keep this i-Tunes gem going.

If you were searching, as I was, for the right podcast of Celtic music, just stop right here, pull up a chair and enjoy the best.

Andy Jagow (Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

- March 21, 2011 (via Email )

Hi Raymond

I have subscribed to the Podcast for a couple of years now via iTunes and think both the Music and Irish Blarney is fantastic.

The recent issues have been causing my iPod to crash for reasons I cannot understand. I subscribe to several other podcasts but yours is the only one which I have experienced problems with. Has anyone else given similar feedback? The Podcasts seem to play OK on my PC so it is not the end of the world and will not prevent me from continuing to enjoy your show.


Paul Suthers (Todmorden, England, UK)

- March 09, 2011 (via Facebook fan page)

Love your show. Keep the great music coming. It’s the only way I make it through the work day.

David Tokar (Russellville, Alabama, USA)

Wonderful! ***** - March 5, 2011 (iTunes, USA - review)

Wonderful Celtic and Celtic roots podcast. Found this through a recommendation from the Irish and Celtic Podcast by Marc Gunn. The narrator has a lovely Irish brogue and gives interesting anecdotes in each podcast. The music is eclectic and provides a great mix of music with Celtic roots from all over.

smokeandashes (USA)

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Simply Great ***** - February 27, 2011 (iTunes, USA - review)

I want to thank you for this great show. I love that you not only play great music, but also give us a bit of the culture and personal history. It really makes me feel at home and through you I feel a bit closer to Ireland. Thank you again. I am currently burning through your older shows, while staying current with your new shows and recommend your podcast to everyone at work.

Buffalo Dave (USA)

- February 24, 2011 (via Live 365 shout-out)

Raymond, Your discussion of Irish accents is on target. I understand about 60% of what you are saying, but it’s very enjoyable.

Greg Symons (Pennsylvania, USA)

Love it!!! ***** - February 11, 2011 (iTunes, USA - review)

As a long time lover of Irish and Celtic music I am thrilled that each podcast will have at least 1 song I have never heard and they are always great! Raymond does a great job of adding enough context to make you feel as if Celtic Roots has made you Irish.

Healy MacPhail (Orange, California, USA)

- January 24, 2011 (via Facebook group )

thank you your podcast it’s brilliant God bless ya keep up the good work

Jimmy Doyle (Pennsylvania, USA)

Best Celtic Podcast! ***** - January 20, 2011 (iTunes, USA - review)

This is a great podcast for Celtic music lovers. The music choices are well thought out and Raymond McCullough is a wonderful host to listen to. The main drawback is that Raymond's commentary is so much lower in volume than the music that I'm constantly fussing with the volume to hear him. Other than being only about a half hour per month I can’t think of a better way to get a Celtic fix in a podcast.

Retro Daddio (USA)

- January 01, 2011 (via eMail )

Raymond a chara,

I always enjoy the program. I love hearing from the new performers. I would love to find more information from some of the tracks you play so I can find some of these musicians. Do you publish a playlist? I appreciate what you do.

God Bless.
Is mise

Kellan Arrington (USA?)

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"*****" - December 22, 2010 (Review via Facebook fan page)

Awesome mix of music as advertised and entertaining monolog from Raymond McCullough on the podcast. I’m amazed by the many music sources from all over the world. I not only learn things about the Irish culture but enjoy the music along the way. Thank you!

Anthony McCullough (Oceanside, California, USA)

- December 21, 2010 (via Facebook fan page)

Really like listening to you
Work is so much better with you in my ear.

Joyce Torp-Heinz (Washington, DC, USA)

South Dakota, USA - December 14, 2010 (by email)


I listen to your radio station every day and I love it!! I am originally from County Antrim and a lot of the stories, etc., that you recite, I can "see" them in my family members!! You bring such a great deal of joy and thought to my day! Keep up the good work - and the word!!

Siaryn (Celtic Connection of the Black Hills) (Rapid City, South Dakota, USA)

Enjoy your tunes - November 22, 2010 (via email)

Hi Raymond

I really enjoy your radio station. I listen to it on Live365 VIP membership on the internet. My name is Jack Uren (Cornish on my father’s side of my family) and my mother’s maiden name is Pepper, but her parentage are Seed and Adair from County Down in Ireland.

So keep putting out that beautiful great music. I live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Bye for now

Have a great day

Jack Uren (Ontario, Canada)

[prx] comment on piece '01 - 'Ca de mar ata tu!' (Hello)' - November 18, 2010 (via PRX (Public Radio Exchange) website)

Hope to see more additions to this series!

Leahy I was familiar with - I own a recording of that one. The rest were new to me. I really liked the strange Middle Eastern/Celtic fusion of Green Man. Hollie Smith sounded a tad like Clannad to me. Thanks - I enjoyed it.

Rob Shinnick (USA?)

- October 11, 2010 (via Facebook group)

Raymond! Great use of yiddish terminology in your podcast #23! that is, "I didn’t write out a whole big long SHPIEL" (at 10:00) Well done! The word shpiel actually means a play like in a theater or a game.

Daniel Louis Berkowitz (Haifa, Israel)

- October 07, 2010 (via Facebook fan page)

Raymond I really enjoy listening to your podcasts. i just returned from a 2 week holiday in Ireland. Met Christy Dunne, Pluckin’ Good banjo player in Westport. Keep up the grand work on your program.

Sista MaryMargarita (USA?)

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Great fun! ***** - September 22, 2010 (iTunes, USA - review)

I listen to your podcasts at work and really enjoy the music and the story about your boat. You’ve opened my ears to some new artists. Your brogue reminds me of my grandmother’s, which makes you very easy to listen to.

crazy_for_bigga (USA)

California - September 17, 2010 (by email)

I just want to say how much I enjoy your podcasts. I love listening to the great music at work and it’s a great way to get energized in the late afternoon. I also appreciate you exposing me to so many great artists of which some of them are local to where I live, which is fantastic.

Thank you!

Jeremy Moe (Los Gatos, California, USA)

California ***** - August 27, 2010 ( Live365 Shout Out)

Yes, we enjoy it immensely. Your station is one of my wife’s wifi radio presets =)

Rebecca Kuntz (California, USA)

Is fearr seo podcast! ***** - August 11, 2010 (iTunes, USA - review)

This is by far the best podcast I have subscribed to. This is what makes my week, hearing it. Raymond, you are doing a hiontach job! Ta ceol na hEireann is fear liom! Go raibh maith agat.

Jason Conrey (USA)

Celtic Roots Radio ***** - August 08, 2010 (iTunes, Ireland - review )

This is a great podcast if you like good music. Don’t be put off by the title if you think it will be just all diddledy dee stuff. It covers a broad spectrum of music as long as it’s good and has a Celtic connection. The presenter has a very listenable voice and adds interesting facts about Ireland and its culture.

fingerpickin' good (Ireland)

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Great Show! ***** - July 25, 2010 (via email)

Ever since my public radio station cancelled Fiona Riche’s Thistle and Shamrock, I’ve been hungry for my Celtic fix. I just discovered podcasts earlier this year and have been listening to your back list of podcasts available through my iTunes.

I just love your taste in music and international flair. Not a single song in #5 was anything less than spectacular to my ears. I also enjoy your discussions about the Irish language. (Scots ancestry, among others in my background, so I suppose I ought to toss in a wee bit of that just to let you know your point is well-taken.)

As I listen to you, I note an inflection that is questioning (to an American ear). You did state that you don’t have a word for "yes" or "no" in Irish, so making things into soft questions must go along with that idea... Right?

Sandra Hugus (USA)

Celtic Roots Radio ***** - July 20, 2010 (iTunes, Australia - review )

I find your show just great. I am a listener from Brisbane, Australia, and enjoy your music on my iPod when walking on the weekends.

Ziggy56 (Brisbane, Australia)

Outstanding Celtic Radio ***** - July 16, 2010 (iTunes, USA - review )

Outstanding podcast of Celtic Music. I highly recommend this for anyone interested in Irish/Celtic/Folk music. Thanks Raymond, keep up the good work.

Robert D. McDonald (USA)

Just Great ***** - July 14, 2010 (iTunes, USA - review )

I really enjoy this podcast. The host always includes a nice mix of Celtic influenced music and breaks up the tunes with interesting stories about his life in Ireland and about Irish history. He seems very genuine in a way that you wouldn’t get on TV or on the radio. I recently started playing the fiddle and this podcast is a great place to find music that inspires me to want to play.

Keep the fiddle tunes coming ...

AZ Patty (Arizona, USA)

Just what I ***** - July 4, 2010 (iTunes, USA - review )

Great independent Celtic traditional and roots music, combined with the amazing stories delivered by Raymond in his laid-back Irish cool, makes for some fine listening. As I’ve grown more in touch with my own Scotch-Irish heritage, this was a great find.

Jeff C. (SkinCarver) (Houston, Texas, USA)

- June 30, 2010 (Live 365 shout-out)

Hey from Auburn, Georgia USA. Started listening a couple of weeks ago and really enjoy the mix of music you play. Hope to visit Ireland soon.

G. Lawler (redhawk1957) (Auburn, Georgia, USA)

Good Celtic Music ***** - June 26, 2010 (iTunes, USA - review )

I love this Podcast. Raymond has a good voice, and a flair for interesting "foreign (Irish) language" tidbits. Most of all he gathers great music for each Podcast. Thank you, to him and all the musicians.

TrueBlueLou (USA)

Great mix of Celtic Trad and folk ***** - June 10, 2010 (iTunes, USA - review )

I’ve loved Celtic music for many many years, and there arent enough good podcasts like this. I enjoy the music very much, and the narrative is fun to listen to (not just the accent, either!)

Scurvy Jake (USA)

- May 30, 2010 (via Facebook group)

I love Celtic Roots Radio, I have podcasts on my iPod and do my morning walks listening to them. I am a teacher of Irish and Scottish Dance at Byron Bay NSW Australia and also play Bodhran with a folk band and Tenor drum with a pipe band. Thank you.

Karen Armstrong (Byron Bay, NSW, Australia)

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- May 24, 2010 (via Celtic Roots Radio Ning network)


I found your podcast a couple of weeks ago and really enjoy it. I have always enjoyed music from Ireland and the British Isles. I'm presently researching my Irish paternal grt. grt. grt. grand parents that came to the U.S. as single individuals on different ships during the Great Potato Famine. I know Patrick came from County Cork from my father. But this has been a very illusive family to follow. Their last [name] was changed a couple of times. I had to hire an expert to find information on them. Money well spent. I found more information on the children than Patrick. They settled in Ulster Co., New York, north of New York City. He is not in the 1850, 1860 or 1870 U.S. Census. To make a long story short I think I found them in Hamilton Co., Ohio, near Cincinnati, in the 1860 census index. He apparently died there and his wife Sarah moved the family back to Ulster Co., NY, to be near family. The boys worked as boatmen on the Hudson River. Patrick and Sarah would be proud of their descendants. Could you explain a little about the Potato Famine from an Irish perspective to us Americans.

Craig Bathurst (Eastern Pennsylvania, USA)

- May 16, 2010 (Live 365 shout-out)

Just found this station and love it! I listened to it all day at work yesterday and will listen again all day today!

hexe13 (USA)

From across the sea, to Raymond - May 02, 2010 (via email)

I live in Athens, Georgia in the US. I found your podcast thanks to my world history class... We have a final project on a country, and I got Ireland... I needed the Irish music and you guys helped SO much! Thank you! My history is Irish so I love learning new things about the country! I bet it is so beautiful there! Me and a couple of my girlfriends are planning on either taking a long trip, or even moving to, Ireland.

I wish you the best of luck with the podcast,

Sage Burnish (Athens, Georgia, USA)

P.S. Is it hard to learn Irish or Gaelic?
I love Danny Boy! I was wondering if you have the Celtic Woman doing this song!?

J Bryant, El Paso, TX (currently deployed to Iraq) ***** - April 30, 2010 (iTunes, USA - review)

Great podcast! Really enjoy the the regional takes on the classics, keep up the good work. I will recommend this podcast to all my friends and will extend some monetary support as well. Thanks :)

irish0710 (iTunes, USA)

- April 24, 2010 (via Facebook group)

Just love your podcast. It is brilliant! I live in the States, California actually. I have celtic roots. I love all the history, and geography and current events you include into each show. Keep up the great work.

Nancie Barnett (California, USA)

- Mar. 01, 2010 (comment on

Hi, I would love to know where the image of your last podcast was taken and what does it represent ... an ancient church, house, cemetery? I’m so happy to have found your podcast. I really love it, please keep up the great work! From Canada!

Sébastien (Canada)

Greetings from a Celtic Yorkshireman (half Irish, half Scots) - Feb. 28, 2010 (via Celtic Roots Radio network)

Hello Raymond,

Found your programme through the Irish tenor banjo forum I am part of as a modest Tenor Banjo player. What a great site, I love your Irish and Bluegrass music especially, I also like your chats on the Irish language, it has inspired me to try and learn a bit from a free site I have found. My family originate from Sligo, so I guess its in the blood,

Do keep on with your historical anecdotes as well.

Best wishes

Michael Walls (England, UK)

By The way, if there are any Walls family out there listening, or any you know of I would love to hear from them.

Love your show. It’s what I listen to on Saturdays in Colorado - Feb. 24, 2010 (by email)

Thanks for doing such a splendid job!

Nancy Eriksen (Colorado, USA)

excellent, informative and, of course GREAT MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ***** - Feb. 24, 2010 (iTunes, USA - review)

This podcast is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! With me being partly Irish, I always did like the culture and old folk music of Ireland, especially when somebody decided to rock those tunes out. This podcast has all that! And also, the DJ (Raymond) is always there to make the music even better! Raymond is not only just a DJ with a good story or two, he tells you of old Irish traditions and history! If you like any Celtic music, this is a good podcast to add to your library!

oxboy777 (iTunes, USA)

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Excellent, informative and, of course, GREAT MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ***** - Jul 25, 2010 ( iiTunes, USA - review)

This podcast is amazing! With me being party Irish, I always did like the culture and old folk music of Ireland, especially when someone decided to rock those tunes out. This podcast has all that! And also, the D.J. (Raymond) is always there to make the music even better. Raymond is not only just a D.J. with a good story or two. He tells you of old Irish traditions and history! If you like any Celtic music this is a good podcast to add to your library!

Connor Lamping (USA)

it will raise your spirits and bring a smile to your face ***** - Feb. 24, 2010 (iTunes, USA - review)

Such a wonderful thing they’ve got going here. Keep it up!!!!

Safari Cat (iTunes, USA)

thankful for the show - Feb. 24, 2010 (by email)

Hi Raymond, my name is Mike from Temecula, CA; a small vineyard town between San Diego and Los Angeles. I make the 90 mile drive to San Pedro, Ca, from my home everyday. When you're spending 1 1/2 hrs in the car [in good traffic] what’s on the radio becomes very important. I love listening to your show and learning a little bit about the Irish language between enjoying some great music. I find myself looking forward to the drive far more to discover what new song you have in store. Thanks for making my drive enjoyable!! Keep it up,

Mike Espinoza (Temecula, CA, USA)

- Feb. 20, 2010 (via Live 365 Shout-out)

Enjoying the show, cheering me up, especially ‘The Ulster Fry’, brilliant.

Jeanetta Harper (Northern Ireland, UK)

- Feb. 19, 2010 (via FaceBook group)

I continue to enjoy the show, however, when you’re talking with music on in the background, the music is a wee bit loud, so it’s hard to hear your voice clearly, hope that’s some good constructive criticism for ya

Daniel Louis Berkowitz (Haifa, Israel)

- Feb. 11, 2010 (via FaceBook)

An avid Bodhran player and listener of your great podcasts get updated from iTunes love the sound am also in a small local Celtic band and also play Irish wooden spoons and bones. Keep up the good music.

Jim Moore (Ontario, Canada)

thanks - Jan. 27, 2010 (by email)

I am enjoying the music greatly. I’m not Celtic (just from Oklahoma) but the music speaks to me. Thanks.

David Weatherford (Oklahoma, USA)

Jan. 22, 2010 (via FaceBook group)

I haven’t heard a song as great as "Cinnamon and Sage" by Jamie Kindleyside in a while. THAT is music right there.

I’m a big fan of the show. Anything that delves into my roots will hit the spot for me. So, being Irish, I have to listen. Here in Kansas City and Weston, Missouri there is a good amount of Irish music, but you can never get enough.

I would like to point out that you said the Elders were from Kansas City, Kansas when in fact they're from Kansas City, MISSOURI. We from the Missouri side don’t like to be mistaken for Kansans. The real city is in Missouri, contrary to the name.

Sean Prudden (Lee’s Summit North) (Kansas City, Missouri, USA)

celtic roots radio - Jan. 22, 2010 (by Live365 Shout-out email)

Thanks for a good music that I like, I have family history part of celtic roots also.

welch34 ()

celtic roots radio - Jan. 08, 2010 (by email)

Thanks for playing all the great music. Am glad to hear you playing our Celtic bands from California. Dude you surf!

Leslie Lewis (California, USA)

Jan. 07, 2010 (via Facebook group)

I’m listening to your podcast from Japan! I’m loving it! This is for me. Thank you for this wonderful inspiring podcast. Btw, I’m in Japan originally from NY!

Timothy Dickens (Japan)

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Podcast ***** - Dec. 28, 2009 (iTunes, USA - review)

Being of Irish heritage I have always enjoyed the music and the history. But after a recent trip to Ireland I can’t seem to get enough. Your podcast hits the spot. Keep up the FANTASTIC work!!!!!!

Terri Flanagan (iTunes, USA)

- Dec. 22, 2009 (via FaceBook group)

Wow! I LOVE this podcast. Keep it up Raymond!!!!!!

Connor Lamping (Helena, Montana, USA)

- Dec. 10, 2009 (viaFaceBook)

I like the podcast. It’s good to hear down to earth music.

PJ Cassel (Texas, USA)

- Dec. 1, 2009 (via FaceBook group)

Loving your podcast here in Haifa, Israel, plus your story of your trip to Jerusalem where you ran into fellow Irishman.

Daniel Louis Berkowitz (Haifa, Israel)

- Nov. 20, 2009 (via FaceBook group)

Love the show. Gets me thru a long and dreary daily commute.. Central Michigan, USA is a lot like Northern Ireland this time of year.

Jeannette (Michigan, USA)

Thanks for a pleasant show - Nov. 7, 2009 (by email)

I enjoy listening to Celtic music as it has ties to bluegrass and folk music that I like here is the United States. I listen through having found it there. I have listened to other Celtic stations but I found the little background you gave on the speech styling of the Irish quite interesting. I was listening from my home in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA at about 0130 hours Eastern Standard Time on the morning of 7 November. Time I get to bed. I’ll be back to listen. Thank you for a good and informative program.

Paul Yearwood (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)

Powerfully brilliant! ... ***** - Nov. 7, 2009 (iTunes, USA - review)

Great music, great craic. It's also great to hear Raymond start the show with a "Cad é mar atá tú?" (How are you?) in a perfect Ulster blas from Belfast!

by Number 21 (USA)

Some of the best mixes of music to be found ... ***** - Nov. 3, 2009 (iTunes, USA - review)

I've been listening to your podcast for a while now & just wanted to let you know what a great job you're doing.
The blend of music is outstanding. Thank you!

3pearce (USA)

Great Podcast ***** - Oct. 29, 2009 (iTunes, USA - review)

Love the podcast. It ticks all the boxes of my musical tastes.
Also love the addition of historical and regional facts.

Subie Dude (USA)

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Celtic Roots ***** - Oct. 28, 2009 (iTunes, USA - review)

I love this stuff. What a great mix.

Ellen1978 (USA)

- Oct. 27, 2009 (via FaceBook group)

Hello, from Celina, TX. I love your show!

Kathy Stanford (Texas, USA)

Great Podcast ***** - Oct. 19, 2009 (iTunes, USA - review)

Hello, I am from Brittany, France, but living in Pennsylvania, USA. This is a great podcast that I look forward to listening to. Very nice mix of music and locations! Keep bringing great music to us.

Kenavo, Gwenael

Breizh a USA/Breton in USA (Bretagne, France/PA, USA)

Celtic Roots Radio - podcast No. 11 - Oct. 11, 2009 (Email)

Thank you Raymond, I thoroughly enjoyed podcast #11. I loved your commentary and explanations of N. Ireland unmistakable wit and sense of humor.

Jerry McLean (LA, USA)

Re: Celtic Roots Radio - Oct. 11, 2009 (Msg on

Hi, I am from Wexford but am living in the UK so love to hear some fine Irish music to take me back home.

Thanks for the great music.

Fiona (UK)

Your podcast - Oct. 11, 2009 (Email)

Subscribed thanks to iTunes, really loving the songs. I'm also really loving the song, ‘Rocks of Bawn’, has a lot of emotion to it. Thanks a bunch for the podcast, keeps getting better and better!

Many thanks all the way from North Carolina!

Mitch Thompson (North Carolina, USA)

- 2009-09-30 (Live365 Shout-out)

Listening for the first time from the hills behind the Wild Animal Park in Escondido California. Beautiful sounds, there.......

Marie 2 the 4th (Escondido, California, USA)

Celtic Roots Radio - 2009-09-07 (via FaceBook group)

As a new listener, I really appreciate all the different genres, styles and artists you present. I have to say, though, I REALLY like Barbarian Pipe Band. I must have listened to their song at the beginning of your 7th Podcast hundreds of times!

I have recommended several friends to your podcast. Great job! I really enjoy the more upbeat techno/rock songs you use. (Bluegrass is great, but I'm 18. We teenagers really enjoy faster music.) Well, here's good luck to you. Keep on doin' what yer doin'!

Christina Thompson ()

Re: Celtic Roots Radio podcast #09 - Sept. 4, 2009 (Email)

Thank you so much, Raymond! I just finished listening to the show. Great podcast.

I will post info about the webcast on my website to help you gather more listeners.

Thank you again,

Anne Roos :-) (California, USA)

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New show - Sept. 4, 2009 (Email)

Welcome back -- I was wondering if you'd ever have a new show. I've added it to my playlists for all the Celtic music podasts I listen to.

Your fan in S Florida,

Stephen Conroy (Florida, USA)

AWESOME!!!! ***** - Sept. 4, 2009 (iTunes, USA - review)

I have been a faithful listener for all of 2 months now, and every podcast gets better and better. I can't find anything better than this podcast anywhere. (And, trust me, I've been looking for a while.) If you're looking for a great station for all things Celtic/Celtic Rock/Bluegrass/Breton, then this is the podcast for you!

Christina T. (USA)

Celtic Roots Radio- 2009-08-22 (via FaceBook group)

I miss hearing all the stories and explanation of the Irish language AND the music. When can we look forward to a new podcast???

Lorre Wells (Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

Hi Raymond- 2009-07-28 (Live365 Shout-out)

My grandfather was born in Belfast & his surname was McCullough - maybe we are related. I live in NZ and play celtic fiddle.

westernlite (New Zealand)

Celtic Roots Radio- 2009-07-22 (Live365 Shout-out)

Great station, do you have the song "Ulster Fry"?


Celtic Roots Radio- 2009-07-18 (via FaceBook group)

Thanks for the great show!! I'd love to hear some Lunasa, as I just saw them live and it was amazing; Sean Smyth is an amazing fiddle player!! All the best, and good luck!

Tyler Gardner (Sonoma/Napa, California, USA)

Celtic Roots Radio - 2009-07-11 (Live365 Shout-out)

Your station has become a morning tradition to me. Keep playing that beautiful music!

Renee Quail (California, USA)

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GRAND PODCAST ***** - June 24, 2009 (iTunes, USA - review)

This is an absolutely delightful podcast. Raymond McCullough is very informative, funny and entertaining. I cant stop listening. :)

‘msyspirit’ (USA)

Celtic Roots Radio - 2009-06-18 (via FaceBook group)

Thanks for the great show!! I'd love to hear some Lunasa, as I just saw them live and it was amazing; Sean Smyth is an amazing fiddle player!! All the best, and good luck!

Tyler Gardner ()

Celtic Roots Radio - 2009-06-17 (Live365 Shout-out)

Sensational. I can't believe I've stumbled on to such great music. I will tune in regularly.


Garth (Australia)

Celtic Roots Radio - 2009-06-03 (via FaceBook group)

Hi Raymond! I've only recently discovered podcasts and this was one I found and subscribed to. I cannot express how fantastic it is - it’s a breath of fresh air. I'm studying at university in Nottingham, England at the moment and these songs make these long three hour morning study sessions in the library in preparation for exams that bit more bearable, and it helps me keep in touch with my Scottish roots.

One track that did make me gasp was Callanish by Jonathan Day. I loved the drum rhythm and the vocals by Joanne Hogg were absolutely spine tingling. I swear I rewound it about 5 times in a row! I tried to find it on iTunes but to no avail. A huge thank you for all that you've been doing to support Celtic music, people like you help to abolish the preconceptions of many people that it's a dull, dreary, dying out genre. Keep up the fab work! I would DEFINITELY listen to a 24/7 Celtic Roots Radio station.

Cheers! Emma

Emma Rutherford (Nottingham, UK)

Celtic Roots Radio - 2009-06-03 (Live365 Shout-out)

Unable to sleep, I tuned in quite early this morning, just in time to hear a lovely prayer, followed by a variety of both haunting and jolly tunes all of which I enjoyed and admired tremendously.

The icing on the cake was hearing my very own song "Strange Happenings & Miracles" play. What a joy to listen to your station. What an honor to have my own music included!


Renee Quail (California, USA)

Celtic Roots Radio - 2009-06-03 (Live365 Shout-out)

Hello from Idaho!

Denise W (bobcat11) (Idaho, USA)

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RE: Celtic Roots Radio - feature? - 2009-05-27

Thank you for your station feature request.
You’ve got a great station and we would love to feature it! You’re feature will run for 5 months on the right hand side of your genre pages.
Thanks for using Live365!

Alexis Moore (Live365 Listening Team, USA)

Hello - 2009-05-22 (Sent from my iPod)

I'm listening to one of your podcasts- an older one I believe :-)

Glad I found you! I like the music that u play :-)

I'll be over in July for 9 weeks- can't wait!
I live in Michigan-usa.


Lisa Clark (Michigan, USA)

on some new podcasts and radio stations - 2009-05-20 (from

We just had 2 songs selected to be in rotation on Celtic Roots Radio out of Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Since we were selected, I've been listening for 2 days straight, in addition to our music, Raymond McCullough plays a great selection of Irish and Celtic music from around the world. Check out his show, as far as I can tell, it is always streaming, and you can vote for your favorite songs, (hint, hint, vote for us if you hear a song by us.)
He’s even got a show from our old friend & podcaster, Marc Gunn.

Thanks to Raymond, we’ll keep listening!

The Langer’s Ball (Minnesota, USA)

Celtic Roots Radio - 2009-04-25 (Live365 Shout-out)

awesome music, very good choices.

elavonm (USA)

Thanks for the great music! - 2009-04-23

Thank you for playing such wonderful music, Raymond! I love Irish music
(well, all the genres you play, actually) and we don't have any local
sources here in central Iowa, USA. I plan to send a donation your way
as soon as I get my next paycheck. Please keep up the excellent work.

Dan Mahoney (Newton, Iowa, USA)

Celtic Roots Radio - 2009-04-23 (via FaceBook)

Raymond, thanks for giving your link - turned off Radio Ulster and tuned in - sent link on as well.

‘Vinc Twoears’ (UK)

Live365 Gift Certificate - 2009-04-20 (via Live365)

Raymond, The VIP was a bit rich for me. Wanted to help some. Will send more when I can. Peter

Peter Hague ()

The Real McCoy ***** - 2009-03-23 (iTunes, USA - review)

Wonderful stuff and really the real thing. Clean, pure and every note a treat. If you love Celtic and Celtic influence, this is one not to be missed.

‘Pigsnoot’ (USA)

GREAT! ***** - 2009-03-02 (iTunes, USA - review)

This is an awesome podcast. The host is funny and interesting to listen to. The music is never the same and always a surprise. By going outside of "traditional" Celtic music and exploring all music influenced by Celtic music the podcast is always able to keep the listener interested.

‘coop3098’ (USA)

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obair maith! - 2009-04-09


Great work Raymond, I love what you're doing.

Beir bua!

Bishop †Tomás Kennedy (Dublin, Ireland)

Just Heard You for the First Time - 2009-04-08

Just got an ipod for my birthday and heard your show for the first time. It's great and keeps my mind occupied and amused while doing such monumental tasks as painting, fixing up the house and cleaning the garbage.

Also subscribed to Celtic Folk Podcast but I think they're out of business. Too bad. Would love to hear more of that type of music on your show.

Also, what's the best way for me to support you?

Peter (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Re: Aloha Belfast! - 2009-03-31



Gail & Greg Smith (Hawaii, USA)

Aloha Belfast! - 2009-03-31

Aloha Raymond,

Found your podcast on iTunes and it is great! We are planning a trip to Ireland next year and can't wait to hear the music and see the country!

Keep playing the great celtic influenced music from around the world and from Ireland, I really love the fact you note the song titles and artists in the info section.
We love your little stories, too!

Aloha, Gail & Greg

Gail & Greg Smith (Hawaii, USA)

Celtic Roots Radio - 2009-03-28 (via FaceBook)

I feel like a fool asking you this, but the first word you say when you start your podcast, what does that mean?

Keep up the great work on the Podcast.

Peter Googins (South Portland, Maine, USA)

Songs for the Celtic Roots Podcast - 2009-03-22

Dear Raymond,

Greetings from Canada. This is Jesse Ferguson, a New Brunswick Celtic musician and subscriber to your excellent podcast. I'm interested in submitting some of my music for use on the podcast, but I couldn't find any instructions on your website. Would you please give me details? I'd prefer to email you some mp3s, since it would be quite expensive for me to send a copy of my CD across the Atlantic. You can check out some of my work at


Jesse (Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada)

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Folklandia - 2009-02-05 (via PodOmatic)

Hi Raymond,

Greetings from Portugal. Nice to meet another folk podcast show in podomatic like Folklandia.

Cheers :)

Folklandia (Portugal)

Hello - 2009-02-05

Hi Raymond,

Great to see the new site for the radio show. Have you got my albums? I can send you promo copies if you like.
Hope all is well with you,

best wishes,

Richard Gilpin (Donegal, Ireland)

Celtic Roots Radio - 2009-01-26

Hello Ray,

Don't know if you're still doin’ the podcast, but it’s one of the ones I liked, and I esp. liked your hosting of it.

All the best -

Tim Gleeson

A kiwi listener - 2008-11-10


Great to hear your show today. I’ll be tuning in on a regular basis. My dad spent a couple of years in Belfast as a young man, on his way from Leitrim to London! I’ve come across a couple of Belfasts in my travels too – in Australia and over here in NZ, as well as having had a couple of very enjoyable trips to the original over the years. There’s a pretty good roots music scene over here in NZ – the local folk music club in Devonport is called the bunker and it’s actually a disused military bunker atop a hill overlooking the harbour – with a great roaring open fire in there in the winter, it’s a great place to hear all sorts of music.

Anyway, kia ora and slainte from kiwiland,

Martin McMorrow (Devonport, New Zealand)

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