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  Angel in Paradise
- book reviews (10)

***** Brilliant book of the year., June 23, 2017

This is the third "Angel" book and they just get better and better. The writing is so good it is impossible to put it down, causing me to stay awake until 4am. This is what happens every time I read a book by this author. This title gives Angel a case to solve "in Paradise" as a PI when she is on holiday .. a series of jewel thefts. It also gives her the chance of a romance with the enigmatic Interpol agent.

I felt as if I was reading two books ... a thriller and a romance. The skill in which the author blends them together is incredible.

One minute I reached the end of a chapter breathlessly awaiting a clue in the investigation, then the next minute embroiled in the intriging romance,

Gerry McCullough is a truly gifted writer and I am sure that we will see the Angel series converted into a film or TV series.

Highly recommended. If you don"t read this book you are truly missing out.

***** Gerry McCullough - wonderful Irish author., June 17, 2017
By Christine Evans

I have only discovered these fantastic books by Gerry McCullough recently. She has a fascinating way of writing and the story grips you from Page 1 right up to the very last. I found it hard to put the book down. I have since read two more of her books and each time, I think it is the best one yet. A wonderful adventure by a true Belfast author. Not to be missed.

***** Great #3!, June 15, 2017
By Kindle Customer

Great third book in this trio! I love McCullough’s writing! Had me on the edge of my seat!

***** Loved it!, Apr 1, 2017
By AnnE.

This is the third book in the Angel Murphy Thriller series, and I loved it every bit as much as I did the first two books in the series. It can be read as a standalone, but I do recommend the first two books in the series to get more background on the characters and because they are really good reads. I was pulled into Angel’s new adventure from the first pages and once again Gerry has written a story that kept me reading because I didn’t want to put it down. It is a wonderful combination of suspense and romance, and another one from this author that I certainly recommend. I definitely will be looking forward to this author’s next book.

***** A Fast-paced, Brilliantly plotted and downright awesome read!, Mar 20, 2017
By Soooz Burke

Author Gerry McCullough has done it again! I’ve long been a fan, and was so delighted to find another book in this wonderful series featuring the marvelous character of Angel Murphy. Set in beautiful Corfu this time, (and the descriptions take you there) Angel is drawn into an investigation into a clever and connected web of high-end jewel thieves.. A word about Angel, she’s tough, and she doesn’t compromise when it comes to setting wrongs right. Don’t go into this book expecting anything less than a fast-paced, brilliantly plotted, and complex reading experience, for that most assuredly is what you will find. Added to this is a developing relationship between Angel and Interpol agent Josh, anything but conventional, but nothing about Gerry McCullough’s work is. The plot twists and turns will have you on the edge of your seat. The ending when it comes will rob you of breath. Don’t miss this one. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

**** A Roller Coaster Ride on a Greek Island - You'll Cheer and Fear for Angel Murphy, Private Eye!, Mar 18, 2017
By James B. Dupont

I was amazed and surprised each and every minute of this fun, suspenseful, and carefully crafted mystery; the story of an young woman who is both the main character and a private eye - an occupation too often and too regularly assigned to male characters - who goes on a vacation to an island paradise with a dashing and intrepid Interpol operative where they become inexorably drawn into an investigation of a series of jewel thefts on the island; the story keeps up the pace and the suspense with new twists and unexpected developments throughout;

The main character, Angel, is relentless and undaunted as the story moves through an ever increasingly complex and unexpected series of event culminating in a crescendo ending that will leave you breathless; and throughout the tale the relationship with Josh, an American Interpol agent, continues to develop and makes you turn the page to see where both the main plot as well as their relationship will go next; and the cast of supporting characters are equally well developed and add to both the mystery and the outcome of this intriguing mystery...and, yes, guys will dig it too - if they dare to give it a read!

***** Book 3 in this fantastic series. So easy to read and short chapters, Feb 13, 2017
By Ann Stanmore

I just love this series. I have read others by this author, always excellent and this is no exception. I was hooked from the beginning.

This time we follow Angel (with Josh helping) as she chases after jewel thieves who target the elderly. Not surprisingly it turns out to be a hair raising ride!

There is a lot going on with twists and turns, thrills, romance and much more. A very good read.

***** Suspenseful!, Jan 26, 2017

This is the third Angel Murphy thriller and I really enjoyed the thrills and dangers of Angeline’s all-out attempt to catch the latest criminal. I loved seeing her relationship with Josh Smith grow, too. When Angel finds Josh lying beneath a tree in the moonlight, his face as pale as death, I was horrified. Was this the end for him? I won’t post any spoilers. You’ll have to read it for yourself. But this is only one of the nerve racking moments in this book, rightly called a thriller. I enjoyed the first two Angel books, and I can easily say this one is definitely on a par with the others.

***** Angel is still a tough little devil., Jan 25, 2017
By Barbara Silkstone

The best thing about Angel Murphy is that she is a real gal, with thoroughly believable reactions to both the good and the bad guys who come her way. I was hooked from the first book in this series: Angel in Flight, wherein the Belfast young lady escapes an abusive husband and runs smack into multiple troubles. Ms. McCullough knows how to draw her readers in, as the action starts on the first page of each of these three adventures and doesn’t let up until Angel prevails. Being careful not to give away the plot, I will say that this is an edge-of-your-seat thriller, but the descriptions of Corfu will melt you heart. Angel remains a determined little devil.

***** Book 3 in this fantastic series. So easy to read and short chapters, Jan 11, 2017
By Tom Elder

Book 3 in this fantastic series. So easy to read and short chapters.

In my opinion this is the best in this series so far.

Follow Angel Murphy in her quest to find the baddies in this book in Corfu. It is so well written that I actually thought I was in Corfu.

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