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  Danger Danger - book reviews (29)

***** Five Stars, 2 Aug 2014
By Linda McCutcheon

Really good read enjoyed it from start to finish Belfast girls was also a great read

**** Spellbinding, March 9, 2013
By Barbara Silkstone (Florida, USA)

Spellbinding richness of imagery and the sharp smack of action that quickens the heart. Gerry McCullough weaves a beautiful tale of twin girls separated at birth and traveling on different paths. Curiously, the girls make similar decisions and trust their love to the wrong men or do they?

This is a compelling work of fiction rich with the flavors of Ireland. Twist and double twists amp up the tension, along with sweet naive love, and the pain of a mother who was forced to give up one of her babies at birth. This is a story of love in all its guises, but with action that takes your breath away. I highly recommend you visit Belfast and get to know Katie and Annie. You won't soon forget them.

***** Another book read, Jan 14, 2013
By Joy Rowland

This was only the second book of Gerry McCullough’s that i have read. l enjoyed this one as much as Belfast Girls. It kept me gripped from start to finish. Well written with lots of excitement and a gripping story line. Look forward to the next book.

***** Just brilliant!, Nov 23, 2012
By SarahLouise4U (Cardiff, South Wales)

This book had me gripped from start to finish and was an adrenaline rush! I literally could not put this book down until I had finished it. I can't recommend this book enough and is the second one I have read by Gerry McCullough and I am really impressed by her style of writing and literature content. Please read this, don't miss out on a great book

**** Danger Danger, Nov 8, 2012
By Marie Kealey

Really loved this book. the story was very near to true life experiences. would like to read a sequel to this if if ever was written.

*** Could have been longer, Oct 5, 2012
By Nessa

Danger Danger was a reasonably good read, in truth I liked the plot story very much and the characters were well thought out. The one thing I would say is that I think that the author could have made the story longer, a full length novel rather than squashing everything all in a short book.

But with that said I still enjoyed the story and I look forward to reading other books by this author.

***** Well Done!, August 31, 2012
By Nessty (Trinidad, Caribbean)

I found this book on the Amazon Kindle Facebook page (after trying to promote my own work) and I must say I was glad to have picked it up! Although I got frustrated with Katie at times, and even sometimes Annie to a lesser extent, I found myself rooting for them. Katie's big heart and Annie's wits had a realistic presentation and I truly enjoyed this work!

**** Twins for Ever, Aug 23, 2012
By Mrs. Phyllis J. Burton (Farnham, Surrey, England)

DANGER, DANGER is a good read. Twins separated at birth seem to lead parallel lives which are basically quite similar. But I would have liked each chapter to have been slightly longer as the change-over between the sisters' problems with each new chapter came too quickly and lead to a little confusion. But having said that, the writing is very good and truly action packed. The descriptive prose is good and I feel that, although I've never been to Belfast, I know a little bit more about it.

The final chapters were enthralling, exciting and on the other side of the scale, almost heart-breaking until the happy ending which like all good novels leaves the reader satisfied and perhaps wanting more.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romance and a thrill or three.

***** A Superior Thriller, April 16, 2012
By SRH59 "Stephen" (UK)

Taut, adrenaline fuelled action, rich, deep characterisation, and a compelling and complexly interwoven narrative mark Danger Danger out as a high octane thriller of the highest calibre. Gerry McCullough is an innately talented weaver of words, whose dialogue crackles with hard edged authenticity, and whose stories expose the dark underside of modern society with a keen and compellingly observed insight.

Highly recommended without reservation.

**** I liked it, April 12, 2012
By Lealea

This book was recommended to me and after looking at all the reviews I downloaded it and couldn’t wait to get stuck into it.

I think all the brilliant reviews hyped it up a bit too much for me so i was slightly disappointed by it. It’s a bit like when a movie is hyped up and you go and see it and whilst you liked it, it didn’t do it for you due to the hype.

However it was a great read and the story was a good one with plenty of action and some good twists and turns.

I will be keeping my eyes peeled for more of his work.

**** danger danger, April 5, 2012
By bud

Excellent short story, and a very quick read. Not many short stories available anymore. Plot is a common one, but well adventured.

**** Twins/A nice thriller, well-told, March 28, 2012
By Marj

Katie and Jo-anne are identical twins, separated at birth. As young women, they get into similar problems, skirting on the darker side of the law, both far too easily influenced by no-good boyfriends. I was impatient with them to begin with, and had to remind myself that for a time, at that age, I was also too much influenced by a boyfriend (though only driving too fast, nothing worse).

As the plot develops, our heroines start to have a bit more sense, and I did like the final wrapping up.

The story proceeds with the two strands running parallel, finally coming together at the very last.

A nice thriller, well told.

***** Good, clever Irish story-telling, March 19, 2012
By HannahWar

Sometimes you’re lucky to pick up a book that turns out to be perfect for the situation you find yourself in. I was in need of a book I could disappear in, good characterisation, fast-paced, suspenseful and with unexpected twists and turns that would keep me hooked. All these elements I found in Gerry Mc Cullough’s Danger, Danger.

Two female main characters in love with the wrong men, from different social backgrounds (although not really) set in Belfast - the town Ms McCullough knows so well - what more could you ask for in the capable hands of this writer? I don’t know what it is with the Irish but they sure know how to tell a story!

I would suggest to everyone NOT to read the comment section here until after you’ve finished Danger, Danger because they give away elements that are crucial to the story and might spoil some of the fun discovering the intricate story plan behind Danger, Danger yourself. For example, I didn’t see the sister-bond coming so this fact gave me the cohesion in the story only towards the end, tying all the loose bits together in a clever way.

The book didn’t last three days in my hands although I spent most of the time in hospital due to the illness of my daughter but Danger, Danger helped me to relax in between all the worrying. Still, you don’t need to find yourself in such an extreme situation to enjoy this book. Really everything is in place and the writing flows ever so effortlessly and the characters are so alive you instinctly feel for the goodies and hate the baddies and pray the story will end well, which it...

I already enjoyed Mc Cullough’s first book Belfast Girls but Danger, Danger is another great accomplishment from this Irish writer! A thoroughly enjoyable read deserving each one of its 5 stars!

**** A decent read, March 17, 2012
By MrsC "Alison" (UK)

I managed to download this book as a freebie , it was a decent read with well written characters and a plot with plenty of twists and turns. A decent read all in all.

***** Character Driven Plot, March 07, 2012
By Paul T. (West Midlands, UK)

A lot of books do well on plot but fall short on characterisation. In some cases, the characters are driven by the plot, their entire personalities altering to suit the needs of the story.

Gerry McCullough shows how it should be done!

All the main characters in this fast paced romance / thriller are authentic, well developed people. It's the mingling of their love and greed, passion and fear, faith and loyalty that creates and drives the plot. Moreover, as we follow the often unexpected shifts in their circumstances, we see those characters changing and developing, for better or for worse!

This complex interplay of personalities and situations - set against vivid and authentic backgrounds - is masterfully handled, but without losing pace and energy. The tension in the two interwoven plots is steadily built up until they crash together! The timing is perfect, and the conclusion satisfying - all the more so since it remains throughout entirely in keeping with who the characters are.

A great story, and marvellously well crafted.

***** Parallel lives on a collision course, March 06, 2012
By Elinor Carlisle (Berkshire,UK)

When Marie Sinclair gave birth to twins after being deserted by their father; her mother tells her she can only help her care for one. Marie gives one of the twins up for adoption; not even knowing the twin’s sex.

Years later Marie’s daughters, Katie and Jo-Anne, are both in relationships with men involved in less than honest dealings.

Then the two women’s lives converge as they are involved in a horrific road accident; Katie on her boyfriend Dec’s motorbike and Jo-Anne in her partner, Steven’s, Mazda.

Ms McCullough expertly weaves the two stories together with her vivid characterisation, emotive description and realistic dialogue.

Will Katie & Jo-Anne ever be united as sisters? Will they find happiness? And what is the mystery of the package Jo-Anne failed to deposit in a Swiss bank deposit box on behalf of the mysterious Mr Bernstein?

***** Danger Danger. WOW !!, February 12, 2012
By Strawberry

Well done Gerry, yet another brilliant read. I won’t give away anything, it would just spoil the thrill for other readers. From start to finish every emotion I possess was put to the test.

Heart stopping situations described as only Gerry can do. Joanne and Katie really came through the mill in their lives. With rivalry, romance and reunions, what more could you want. Whoever lifts this book is in for a real treat.

***** Quick Review, December 23, 2011
By Ellen Fritz

As this story starts with a bang and never quite let’s up on the tension, it will hook you right from the beginning and keep you spell bound until you have read the very last sentence. This suspense laden and exciting tale takes the reader to the back streets and pubs of Belfast, Northern Ireland; to the wealthy homes of the same city and away to Switzerland - as well as into a Swiss bank. Drug dealing, theft and black mail are key elements in this highly addictive book.

The name of the book, "Danger Danger", gives you a good idea of what it has in store for you. Two women - identical twins, both with values and moral standards which keep them from falling too deep into the world of crime - are willing to go to great lengths to help the men in their lives. The men however, do not have that many scruples...

I was extremely impressed with the characters. The twins, though identical, each have their own unique personality - one a truly gentle person who will sacrifice a great deal for others; and the other, less gullible. The men, both very unsavory characters, also have a surprise for the reader in store.

While reading this book, I was on the edge of my seat, turning the pages as fast as I can. The vivid descriptions of action scenes are so skillfully done that I found myself chewing my nails to the quick and starting each chapter in breathless anticipation. The romance that is weaved into the story lends it a sweetness and gentleness which I found really appealing and charming.

"Danger Danger" is the perfect read when looking for a book that will get your adrenaline pumping. This beautiful, action-filled novel deserves every one of its 5 stars!

***** Thriller Thriller, December 5, 2011
By Gordon Kuhn

Gerry McCullough is an accomplished writer with an incredible ability. She sets a small hook and reels her readers in with an ever widening story that is very fast paced and definitely far from being boring. It begins with a birth of twins separated at birth by circumstances which are very poignant. Therein lies the tasty hook. Then comes the story of the two girls lives and the hook is set. It begins slowly, in small slices, and builds drawing in more and more bits and pieces that keep the story not only fresh for the reader but constantly growing, moving forward, speeding up, and demanding your attention. Two lives, separated at birth, both involved with manipulative lovers, both caught up in a series of events unlike anything they personally would have ever ventured into on their own except for the men they love. Should they trust them? Is love worth the personal and professional risk each is called upon to risk? They each must decide. The book is sprinkled with sensuous highlights and does an excellent job of describing locations without overkill. Excellent! Highly recommended! An excellent investment for your bookshelf and it would make a wonderful Christmas present for any reader you might know, but most definitely for those who treasure well written mysteries with a bit of sexuality tossed in as desert. You don&rsquot want to miss this treat.

***** Wonderful, Wonderful!, December 3, 2011
By Jessica L. Degarmo

Danger, Danger starts with a bang and continues along at a breakneck, action-filled pace. It’s the story of two young women whose lives are eerily parallel, and why wouldn’t they be? They are, after all, twins separated at birth.

Danger, Danger has action, romance, blackmail, fraud and mystique. It’s sure to please anyone who loves a fast-paced book that contains all of the above and more. The editing is tight, and the writing is good. Ms. McCullough knows how to reveal her characters in bits and pieces without infodump and how to paint a vivid picture with words. The city of Belfast comes alive under Ms. McCullough’s skilled hand.

I’m not going to spoil the conclusion, which revealed some surprises, but suffice it to say that it was very satisfying. I’ll definitely read more of Ms. McCullough’s work and highly recommend Danger, Danger as a great, sure-to-please read.

***** A great read, November 25, 2011
By Ian Ellis "Ian" (Hampshire, UK)

Gerry McCullough has done a great job with this book. The two stories that run throughout are interwoven in a way that makes you want to keep reading until the end, keen to find out what happens to these twins and their socially opposite but morally similar partners.

I felt I was in the story with the characters. There were times when I wanted to become a caring but firm father to Katie, and drag her away from where she was.

I haven’t read Belfast Girls yet, but I’ve put it to the top of my list.

***** Another winner, November 22, 2011
By Kristen Stone (UK)

Gerry McCullough is fast becoming my next favourite author. Danger Danger had me under it’s spell from the very first page. Two stories cleverly woven together to meet near the end. I’m not in the habit of revealing plots, others have already done that. What I will say is this book is a fine example of modern writing and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a thriller with a twist.

The characters are well drawn, although the two main females are related, they have their own personalities and definite individuality.

Well done, Gerry.

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***** Danger Danger, November 9, 2011
By Mrs. Janice Donnelly "Janice Donnelly" (Northern Ireland)

This book kept me up all night long, literally! From the first page it is a bare knuckle roller coaster ride...twin girls Katie and Jo-Anne are separated at birth, twenty three years on they are both still living in their native city, Belfast, although they have never met.

Each has a man in their life who has faced them with a question of conscience. Working class Katie is involved with drug dealing Declan,who craves the fast life, but avoids the work-a-day routine that would provide much needed cash, instead he makes his money from small-time wheeling and dealing. He has found himself in debt to a local hardman who is threatening to have him beaten up by his henchmen if the money owed is not delivered, fast. Dec turns to Katie in desperation, asking her to steal from the fast food outlet she works in, "Just this once, babe..."

Comfortably off Jo-Anne is involved with seriously suspicious Steven, who has offered her a business proposition, that he assures her will make her extra money and help both of them on their way to more of the good things in life that they both already enjoy. She fears there is more to this venture than the bit of travel and delivering of documents Steven insists it is, "Nothing criminal, darling..." she is in both fear and awe of the cool, charismatic Carmichael, the business associate Steven has introduced her to. Both women, influenced by the men in their lives, make decisions against their better judgement. Will it all end in tears? I urge you to read it to find out!

From the back streets of Belfast to Zurich’s Banhofstrasse,the tale takes us on a journey of breathtaking twists and turns until the climatic final scene.

Another winner from Gerry McCullough, author of the brilliant, Belfast Girls.

***** Simply unputdownable! November 08, 2011
By Soooz Burke (Stacey Danson)

I have been eagerly awaiting a new book by Author Gerry McCullough, having read and enjoyed her marvellous debut novel Belfast Girls.

The new book exceeded my expectations. The story of twins separated at birth is not new…what is new is Author McCulloughs marvellous interpretation of parallel lives.

The emotional intensity of the characters is beautifully drawn. You care for these people.

I turned the pages rapidly; eager to learn more of their lives, their loves and their fear.

This book is a thriller, the action is fast paced, the depth of characterization mesmerizing and highly visual.

Author Gerry McCullough serves us a feast with this book.

The women in this work come from utterly different backgrounds and it is a measure of this authors talent that both Katie in her working class world and her twin Annie the high flying party girl are wonderfully sympathetic characters. Each of them are likeable, and you can’t help but care what happens to them.

They share poor taste in their selection of their men folk as well.

Those choices lead them into much danger. With perfect timing and page turning action this book is addictive, and simply unputdownable.

A great choice for a Christmas gift in my opinion.

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***** Another Blockbuster, November 4, 2011
By teresa geering (uk)

Danger Danger is the wonderful story of twin sisters separated at birth. Their seventeen year old unmarried mother, can only look after one child. Thinking the twin is a boy Maria the mother decides to keep the little girl.

Their lives at times run almost parallel. Katie and her boyfriend Declan run a thin line with drug involvement, whilst her unknown sister Jo-Anne (Annie) survives in a different high profile world of Monet paintings and Zurich Swiss bank accounts.

Katie and Jo-Anne (Annie) finally get to meet when they are both involved in a tragic head on collision.

I absolutely fell in love with Gerry McCullough’s block busting novel Belfast Girls, which in my opinion couldn’t be surpassed and very worthy of the Man Booker Prize. Danger Danger is an amazing page turning, stunning novel, which caught me by surprise and is equal to Belfast Girls in every respect.

I can’t wait for her next novel to be published. I know I will love it whatever the storyline. McCullough cannot put a foot wrong and has a natural flair for writing blockbusters.

Teresa Geering 04/11/2011

***** SUPERB THRILLER, November 3, 2011
By Sheila M. Belshaw "Sheila Mary Belshaw" (UK, Menorca & Cape Town)

I loved this book. From the very first line I was hooked. From the vivid, poignant birth of seventeen-year-old Marie Sinclair’s twin babies and her heart-breaking decision to keep only one of them, leaving the other twin for adoption - to the dramatic edge-of-your-seat climax.

In this second novel from the prize-winning Irish author of the best-selling "Belfast Girls", Gerry McCullough has reached a new level of story-telling. McCullough has the gift of knowing just how much to tell her readers, foreshadowing the danger in each of her short, cinematic scenes and then leaving you with bated breath, furiously turning the pages to follow the action in her easy flowing style of literary prose.

Katie Sinclair and Jo-Anne (Annie) Gordon have never met but their destinies are irrevocably entwined. Every scene is filled with action, emotion and danger as we follow the parallel stories of the two girls, both caught up in the clandestine machinations of their lovers - Katie’s Declan and Jo-Anne’s Steven. And the mysterious and charismatic Rory Carmichael whose charm and appeal Jo-Anne finds increasingly irresistible.

The fear is palpable. I could feel my pulse rate increasing as each scene unfolded. I have no hesitation in recommending this exciting thriller, and in giving it the richly deserved five stars.

***** Another Winner by Gerry McCullough, October 30, 2011
By Tom Winton

Danger Danger is an action-filled adventure about two sisters separated at birth. As we jump back and forth into their very different lives the reader actually "experiences" all the non-stop twists, turns, ups, and downs. Rat-a-tat-tat the author keeps firing away with one exciting scene after the next. And the way the sisters finally reunite...well...that is as ironic as their original separation.

Author Gerry McCullough’s debut novel, Belfast Girls, has sold well all over the world. Her fans have patiently awaited the release of her second novel. Dig in folks, have a literary feast.

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The Book Shelf
***** A Book Shelf Blog "Book of the Week" Selection October 2011, October 24, 2011
By L. Anne Carrington (Pennsylvania)

Need some new and intriguing reading for your Kindle this week? Don’t miss Belfast Girls author Gerry McCullough’s latest release, Danger Danger (Precious Oil Publications, 2011).

Twin sisters Jo-Anne "Annie" and Katie never met after being separated at birth, despite living in the same city. In Danger Danger both travel similar yet dangerous roads, with Kate and her boyfriend Dec receiving threats from those Dec cheated through his gambling. Annie – through lover Steven – is the target of far more frightening people. A final collision sends each sister to the edge of disaster.

With an attention-grabbing plot, strong writing, and vivid characterization, Danger Danger is so fast-paced and highly addictive, I was able to finish this book in less than a day. Kindle version or not, this is one thriller that’s difficult to tear away from once the reader gets started.

Those who were eagerly awaiting a follow-up to Belfast Girls will be delighted to discover that McCullough hadn’t lost her literary touch, and worth the wait. Let’s hope the next book from such a brilliant author won’t take as long.

***** Twice the action, twice the emotion!, September 28, 2011
By preciousoil (Northern Ireland)

This is one fast-paced novel from beginning to end. Two girls, living in the same city, but who have never met. Yet their lives follow strangely similar paths. Both are emotionally involved with dubious men, and both are slipping into more and more danger – hence the title – as a result.

Katie – the working class one – is more 'easily led', involved with a tearaway who's never had a proper job in his life! Annie is more sophisticated, with her designer clothes, designer flat and designer boyfriend – but is he all that he seems? Their 'guardian angel' is Katie's mother, Marie, whose prayers are eventually answered – in more ways than she ever bargained for!

Eventually, of course, the two girls meet – by accident – and with life-changing consequences for all concerned.

I read this in one sitting – a real page-turner and an excellent follow-up to 'Belfast Girls.' More, more, more!r {:-{>

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