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  Roundaboutbook reviews (8)

***** A piece of terrific storytelling October 3rd, 2020
By Mr. Trevor Belshaw

Climb aboard the roundabout of life and let fate have its way with you. Roundabout, is described by the author as a modern-day Vanity Fair, and just like Thackery’s classic, there are no real heroes.

This is a story of jealousy, hatred, love, revenge and opportunism, not in any particular order.

Sooz, a rich kid, easily taken advantage of, is in love with Josh, a rich man’s son, who has little time for anything apart from his own hedonistic lifestyle. Horace, or Horse, is Josh’s best friend, but in Josh’s mind, Horse is just another person to take advantage of. Horse is secretly in love with Sooz, but Sooz thinks of him as just an unavoidable irritant.

Millie, is the daughter of a former rock singer who died a rock star’s death, and an average, rock drummer. She has one purpose in life, to take advantage of anyone with money. She uses her looks and her fabulous voice to worm her way into the affections of rich men, age being no barrier.

Josh’s father isn’t too enamoured with his son’s choice of girlfriend and when Sooz’s father hits the financial skids, instead of offering assistance, he does all he can to ruin him.

The setting shifts from Belfast to Derry to Portrush and the night life and scenery is painted with an expert eye. As an Englishmen who spent a fair bit of time in NI, I immediately recognised the landmarks and street descriptions.

The main group of characters work in the financial sector and much of the plot is set around dodgy dealings, using stocks and shares. Characters are at first beneficiaries of the system but some soon fall foul of it. Josh, the worst gambler in the history of the world, is convinced that he will have his big payday, even at the expense of his new family. I’ll say no more about this as it is an integral part of the story and I don’t want to ruin it for you.

Needless to say, things never work out as planned for any of the participants and there are plenty of twists and turns in the character’s fortunes along the way, as Millie tries to weave her spell and the men around her queue up to fall under it.

I thoroughly enjoyed Roundabout. The book is well written, the characters seem real and although the book is based on a novel that has seen many TV adaptations, this book is unique in bringing the story bang up to date. Any fan of the original will delight in the new telling of a classic tale.


***** A piece of terrific storytelling August 31st, 2020
By Mr. D. Menon

When I think of Gerry’s work it’s always with fondness and admiration but with this one she goes beyond all of that. I’ve said before that the Derry Girls can move over because the Derry Lady shows them exactly how good storytelling is done with this novel set amongst a young Irish group of young people finding their way. Centred around the characters of Sooze and Millie, your sympathies will oscillate between these two young women and their friends. I loved reading it and would recommend it to anyone.

***** entertaining and thought-provoking July 28th, 2020
By S. Burke

If you want an entertaining and thought-provoking read this is the book for you.

Do these complex characters gain happiness and security or rather should they gain them? Do they accomplish those benefits by being selfless and good, or by acting in their own selfish self-interests? The themes of loyalty without hope of gain are questioned in this thought-provoking new read by author Gerry McCullough.

The author once more takes you to Northern Island and the descriptions color that world wonderfully well for the reader.

The pivotal characters of Millie and Sooze are beautifully fleshed out and clearly visible as they undertake a life as friends that neither one of them initially anticipated. The dialogue is rich, and the interactions between all the characters make for entertaining reading.

This author shows a depth of empathy with these people she’s created, this brings the book alive.

If you want an entertaining and thought-provoking read this is the book for you. I highly recommend it.

***** great read July 22nd, 2020
By mrs joan bennett

loved this book set in northern Ireland with plenty of different characters and kept me guessing right up until the end. which hopefully has left it open enough for a follow up. read it in a couple of days. very hard to put down

***** A really enjoyable read July 16th, 2020
By Susi

I really enjoyed Roundabout by Gerry McCullough.
I have read some of her other books and I think this is her best one yet.
Being from Northern Ireland I could relate so well to the areas where she set the story and to the characters.
I couldn’t put it down and read it in a couple of days.
Well done Gerry I loved it.

***** Engaging July 15th, 2020
By Margaret Sharp

Engaging, contemporary style of writing that works splendidly in this modern take on Vanity Fair. A very easy rating of five stars

***** The fun of the fair July 13th, 2020
By Alan Ince

An enjoyable read with enough surprises to keep the reader guessing. Good character development. Depicts the night life of Belfast and Derry successfully.

***** Vanity Fair Revisited. Highly Recommended July 6th, 2020
By Barbara Silkstone

Once again, author Gerry McCullough sweeps me away to Northern Ireland. (I love when she does that.) This time Ms. McCullough takes the reader on a contemporary ride through the classic Vanity Fair.

Millie an impoverished orphan and Sooze a child born to a wealthy family attend a convent school for girls in Belfast. In the last months of school, Millie seeks out Sooze and befriends the girl. This friendship opens the door to Sooze’s world—a place of opportunity for an amoral young lady who set her sights on bettering her position in life.

This is a clever updating of a classic tale. Highly recommended as escape reading. I appreciated the chance to step into the green of Ireland once again. I honestly enjoyed this tale. I think you will, too.

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