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In One Hour

... Babylon will fall

by R a y m o n d   M c C u l l o u g h

Published September, 2019, by Precious Oil Publications

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An apocalyptic thriller
(book #2 of the Six Hours thriller series)

The debt will be called in and in one hour her destruction will come!

After a short, but devastating, nuclear war the face of the Middle East has changed forever! The ‘Ingathering’ &emdash; the world's greatest population transfer, involving tens of millions &emdash;has begun. Huge people groups &emdash; from India and Myanmar, Pakistan and Afghanistan; from Nigeria, Zimbabwe and South Africa, and many other parts of the world &emdash;are on the move, all travelling towards one destination.

Four young men, who met first in Afghanistan, are re-united in the heat of the impossible logistics of such a mammoth operation:

  • Shaul ‘Solly’ Levine, an Orthodox Jew from New York City;
  • Micky ‘Dev’ Devlin, an Irish Catholic from Boston;
  • Brandon ‘Doubtin’ ’ Thomas, a black Pentecostal from North Carolina;
  • Khan Ali ‘Zai’ Yusufzai, a Muslim Pashtun from Afghanistan.

Can a small nation survive a nuclear war and immediately after absorb an influx of ten times its population? across thousands of miles of nuclear war-devastated desert? Can Shaul and his comrades overcome such odds?

Meanwhile, America is no longer a safe haven &emdash;for Jews or for others there. Persecution is mounting and desperate measures are needed in order to avoid the coming destruction. Will Shaul’s friends and family be able to reach safety before Babylon falls?

This apocalyptic thriller tackles the aftermath of a nuclear war, massive with major problem solving required, a couple of budding romances in very different locations, and then deals with the ultimate treacherous attack. Action, friendship, romance ... and yet more action.

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