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Short Stories

Gerry’s short stories have been included in the following publications:


Shadows and Light
To Benefit Women's Aid
37 stories from authors around the world
(includes Emily’s Valentine)

Skeletons in the Closet
Studio NI presents a selection of ten tales
of crime, detectives and guilty secrets
(includes Irish Roots)

Lost Love Letters
An Indie chicks Anthology
Love letters that were never written
(includes Darling Davy)

50 First Chapters
An Indie chicks Anthology
(includes 1st chapter of Belfast Girls)

Knife Edge
Crime, Thriller, Mystery
and Suspense Stories
(includes The Standoff)

Crime after Crime
A collection of
crime stories
(includes Stevie’s Luck)

Memories of Mom and Dad
Compilation of two Indie Chicks Anthologies
by 18 women writers from various parts of the world
(includes The Magic Maker)

Memories of Mom
An Indie Chicks Anthology
from 16 women writers from various parts of the world
(includes The Magic Maker)

Sharp Sticks, Driven Nails
Editor: Philip O’Ceallaigh
(includes Giving Up)

121 years of
Belfast Central Library
(includes Central Library)

People's Friend
Annual, 2008.
Greatest Gift of All)

Cúirt Annual,
2005, Galway
(includes Primroses)


Ireland's Own: cover

Ireland’s Own, Wexford
(50+ Old Seamus stories)

Ulla's Nib: cover

Ulla’s Nib, Belfast

Verbal: cover

Verbal, Derry
Pink Silk)

Luciole Press logo

Luciole Press, California
(Ballystravey, 1988)

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March 4th, 2011
Ireland's Own: cover

32nd Old Seamus story, ‘Turning the Tables’,
published in ‘Ireland’s Own’ magazine, based in Wexford.

Stevie's Luck was shortlisted for the Brian Moore Award, Belfast, 2008.

It was also shortlisted for the Cúirt Award for New Writing in Galway, 2010, and published in the 2010 Cúirt Annual anthology.

Central Library, was published by Creative Writers Network in the Belfast Central Library anthology, OneTwoOne, launched in Belfast on October 22nd, 2009, to celebrate 121 years since the founding of the Library. The anthology also includes stories by some very well thought of Northern Irish writers - including Sam Millar, Ruth Carr, and Liz Weir.

Ballystravey, 1988, (aka, The Bee), published online by Luciole Press, California - September 2009

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Giving Up was commended in the Seán O’Faolain Short Story Competition, organised by the Munster Literature Centre, Cork - part of the Cork International Literary Festival.

Gerry’s story is one of only two by Northern Ireland writers in the top 27, (of 650 entries!), which were described by the judge, Phillip O’Ceallaigh, as "brilliant and worthy of publication."

Slipping was published in the Spring 2009 issue of Ulla’s Nib magazine (p.16), published by the Creative Writer’s Network, Northern Ireland, (and won the £50 Star Prize in that issue).

People's Friend, 2008 Annual: click to buy Dark Night, (renamed, ‘The Greatest Gift of All‘), was included among 24 stories in the People's Friend, 2008 Annual.

Shadows was published on Belfast’s new Brazen City website - 2008-10-03.

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Play 'Not Quite Dead' with Real Player Not Quite Dead

The following story is the first of two of Gerry’s stories recorded for BBC Radio Ulster’s My Story series. This story was broadcast on 11th May, 2006.

Click to play MP3 [ Real ]

Play 'Vertigo' with Real Player Vertigo

The second of Gerry’s stories recorded for BBC Radio Ulster’s My Story series. This story was broadcast on 16th June, 2006.

Click to play MP3 [ Real ]

So far, 35 ‘Old Seamus’ stories have been published in
Ireland’s Own’ magazine, from Wexford, Ireland
- the latest one on December 24th, 2011.

Read, ‘Annie’s Apple Tree’:
Annie's Apple Tree: Click to view story Annie's Apple Tree: part 2 Annie's Apple Tree: part 3
You can also hear some of the ‘Old Seamus’ stories being read by Gerry on The Seanachie: Tales of Old Seamus podcast:

Subscribe to 'The Seanachie: Tales of Old Seamus' podcast via iTunes

Listen to 'Tale of a Teacup'
Tale of a Teacup

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The Cuírt prize was judged by celebrated Nigerian writer, Helon Habila, who had this to say about the winning entry:

I choose Gerry McCullough’s ‘Primroses’ as winner because it is a simple and well judged story about very difficult themes: courage, paedophilia, and growing old. The author has managed to truly inhabit [her] narrator, to use his voice, and to clearly see his point of view Ė these make the story so convincing that the reader is not aware how difficult it is to achieve.

Age and the passage of time are shown in the change in the landscape, in the ugly square houses that have sprouted to replace the beautiful flower gardens of the narratorís youth. The relationship between the narrator and the little girl, Jacqueline, is used to recapture the relationship between the narrator and his dead wife: youth and age, present and past are thus simultaneously captured in a single frame.

The narrator refuses to back down from his purely innocent relationship with Jacqueline even at the risk of being seen as a paedophile, this takes courage. Finally the story is about flowers Ė primroses Ė those beautiful, non-utilitarian things that symbolise the brittleness of existence, the fine balance on which everything rests, transience, and trust.

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