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Belfast Girls by Gerry McCullough Danger Danger by Gerry McCullough Angel in Flight: the first Angel Murphy thriller by Gerry McCullough Angel in Belfast: the 2nd Angel Murphy thriller by Gerry McCullough Johnny McClintock’s War: One man’s struggle against the hammer blows of life – by Gerry McCullough “Hel’s   “Dreams, Lady Molly & The Snapper by Gerry McCullough The Seanachie: Tales of Old Seamus – by Gerry McCullough “The
The Whore and her Mother: 9/11, Babylon and the return of the King – by Raymond McCullough A Wee Taste a' Craic by Raymond McCullough 'Oh What Rapture!' by Raymond McCullough Ireland – now the good news! by Raymond & Gerry McCullough In Six Hours .. the world changed – an apocalyptic thriller by Raymond McCullough           Pinpoint: A psychological legal/crime thriller – by Sheila Mary Taylor Golden Sapphire: A love story set in stone – by Sheila Mary Taylor Dance to a Tangled Web: A tale of love, deception and forgiveness – by Sheila Mary Taylor Count to Ten: Fly with a miracle – A true story of personal courage and medical triumph – by Sheila Mary Taylor
  In Six Hours .. the world changed
book reviews (8)

By Terry Nuss

I liked (really liked) this book. Finished it and enthusiastically went to the Kindle store to get #2 only to find out that I couldn’t. Why offer volume one on Kindle but not the entire series? Tried to get it on the site recommended at the end of the book but a TOTAL hassle to try to read it from there. Such a shame... #1 was really good

***** Reality, Potential, and Prophecy rolled into one fast paced tale of what might headline tomorrow’s media, Jan 22, 2016
By Sam B. Wagner

Excellent characters, interesting insight into Israel and speculation about the overwhelming force of the surrounding nations, incredible but not necessarily unbelievable use of technology, and a page turning ending, mark this as an unusual and most unusual suggested solution to the seemingly endemic middle east crisis. Nuclear attacks on Israel, the US and other allies fail to respond, Israel is on it’s own, rockets are turned, cities abandoned, and the race is on for territories pledged centuries ago. Another look into the complexities and hatreds that have plagued the middle east for centuries --- well worth the time.

***** Five Stars, Aug 1, 2015
By James Carey

Very interesting. Wonder how much will come true.

***** A compelling apocalyptic thriller, June 12, 2015
By Roy Murry, Author

If you believe in the prophecies of the Bible, this book is for you. In a very detailed way Mr. McCullough shows you why and how the Israelite tribes return to their roots, according to his interpretation.

He uses verses from the Bible and a war in the Middle East to bring you to that end. At times along the way, prophecies are completed in unusual ways.

The story is a roller coast ride with peaks of tension and troughs of inquisitive quests for ‘The Truth’ in Bible. This is done by connecting those truths to present day events.

Although slow in pace at times, the overall interesting story line makes up for the ‘Tell not show’ prose used. Mr. McCullough style does keep you believing that you are reading a true account not fictional events. He does this by using characters who are believers in their understanding of ‘The Truth.’

I recommend this read for those with an inquisitive mind.

***** A compelling apocalyptic thriller, May 31, 2015
By Juliet B Madison

Four young soldiers meet during a tour of Afghanistan & forge a bond despite religious and racial differences. Brandon "Doubting" Thomas, a black American with Igbo Nigerian roots, Micky Devlin, an American-Irish Catholic, Shaul Levine, a Jew and Ali, a Muslim. Brandon’s teaching about the End Times and the Lost Tribes of Israel gathering in Jerusalem lead all four men to go on their own personal quests for the truth, but what will they discover and who will they meet along the way?

I have to confess that I normally avoid books I know to have been written by Christian authors. In my experience they leave a bad taste in my mouth as a former evangelical Baptist who believes God let her down.

But Raymond McCullough writes with conviction and clearly knows his subject well. He doesn’t attempt to preach; in fact he gives a balanced view from many perspectives. This makes the story palatable and compelling.

The apocalyptic events in the book are somewhat shocking, but are clearly based on in depth study of Biblical prophecies. This book has something for all religions and is a stark warning about what the author believes will come to pass.

This is just the first instalment and I look forward to the next. I’m not saying I’m convinced or that it has made me believe, but the way of the world in the twenty-first century is clearly pointing towards the events depicted. I am not prepared to enter into any kind of debate via review comments as I don’t know the subject matter well enough.

However McCullough’s fluid prose draws you in and his logic and characterisation make for a believable compelling drama.

Highly recommended!!!

***** Very intense!, May 11, 2015
By Barbara Silkstone (Florida, USA)

This is a page-turner and yet it cannot be read in one sitting.
I learned so very much from this book, both current and biblical.
It’s a heads-up alert with a strong moral lesson. Highly recommended.

***** Thoughtful read., Apr 22, 2015
By Skeeter

I found this to be a very interesting and thoughtful read. Did’nt always understand all of the Biblical implications, but didn’t sound good, either. The characters were all interesting as well. This story is mostly told in the Middle East where all the action is. The action being where 10 leaders (Iran, Iraq, SA, to name a few), join forces to wipe the State of Israel off the map. And that’s where I leave it. If you want to know more, read the book. Its well worth it. Can hardly wait for Book 2 to see what else happens.

***** Educational., Apr 17, 2015
By Tom Elder

You will learn more about the Middle East in the first few chapters of this book than you have ever known.
So well written and very descriptive, you actually think you’re there. Raymond has obvious knowledge of the areas he has written about as that and his passionate way of writing shine throughout. Must read book.

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